Getting to know Fernanda

Hi guys! So.. My name is Fernanda I live in Costa Rica, and I have an incredible love for fashion, beauty, cooking and music… I get from my friends a lot that I should be in Fashion doing what I love, but to be honest here is not that easy to do.

I’ve been living alone since I was 19 y/o and I’ve worked very hard to get all I have now. Living by myself having to pay rent, food, utilities and all; it gets hard sometimes to be able to afford being a “fashionista”. So I’ve had to find ways to spoil myself and buy pretty things that are affordable.


This is a photo of me..



haha yeap that’s me.. I have an incredibly good husband.. I’m 23 now and to be honest working hard does get you where you want to be 🙂

I will be posting ideas on how to make a basic piece into a fashionista statement. And hey, if you have any feedback on that shout out on the comments.



Have a blessed day!

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