Feeling good in my own skin, despite my weight problem

Since I can remember I’ve been struggling with weight.  I’ve been size 4, 12, 8, 14… And all in the middle of those.

I don’t know why but I get a lot the comment: “You are so beautiful, but you would be even prettier losing weight”. And to me that is just wrong.

Yes, it is very important to be healthy and to have an average body weight to avoid health problems (hypoglycemia, diabetes, hearth conditions all that stuff); but   the fact that you are beautiful.. or not pretty enough just because of weight I find it very stupid, if I may say.

Beauty standards are not good. Being a size 14 is beautiful too. I study a lot, I read, I sing, I cook, I was blessed with talents and beyond, so if I have a beautiful mind should be all it takes to make it in life and feel good about myself. I was telling my husband that the reason I felt half of my teenage years as a freak wasn’t because I wasn’t happy with myself, but because the things people said, comments they made, ideas they planted in me that marked what should have been the best time in my life.

When I started on collage I noticed my weight wasn’t an issue for me anymore because I decided that I was happy with all I had. That wasn’t going to define me anymore.

So I started shopping things that would flatter my body type, doing makeup that I stopped doing in the first place because I hated myself for not fitting into everyone else’s standards, and guess what?! I created my own standards!!!

That not only helped me being happy, but it changed the way people would see me. They would focus on the good things I have, my talents, the fact that I knew a lot about many topics, even dating was easier, my skinnier friends would even tell me: “I don’t know what you do but you actually have more luck with guys…”


It was working…

Now I am 23 y/o and I am growing at work, I am dreaming big, creating my own world and my own rules.

If I could tell you something useful is that you should never focus on what people say.. But I am not talking about you just giving it a thought every once in a while when you hear them talking… But really mean it… Live by it.. Embrace the fact that no matter what your weight or what ever you are not happy about (because of what they say)…You are beautiful and smart and you can do big things in life if you set your mind into success, feel comfortable with yourself. You need to show the world that you can shine and be all you want to be, but you need to believe it yourself first, and then the rest will follow.

And hey… If you are not happy with something, have the courage to change it.

I really hope you guys find this useful.. This is really a piece of my heart.



11 thoughts on “Feeling good in my own skin, despite my weight problem

  1. A very important topic that I myself have struggled with. Love who you are inside and out love others . . . embrace your talents, and you will shine!


  2. Love it! Truly inspirational….setting your own standards. I think that is what we forget, we tend to focus on what others say about us and forget that we are all beautiful…after all we were created in the image of God! He is beauty and beauty is in all of us! 🙂

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