We all know that exercise is very important, despite of the fact that I normally say I have no time to do any workout or even go to the gym, I know it is necessary to be healthy so I got to the point where I had to start looking up options to be in better condition.

-Walking to work.

I know this is not going to be an option for most of you who have to commute daily to get to work, in my case my workplace is a mile away; so it was doable.

-Short Routines.

I started to search online and look in pages what kind of routine I could do that would take me 30 minutes or less. I know it sounds like I’m lazy, but I wake up at 4:30 am because I start work at 6:00 am, so I needed something short that could wake me up and keep me with energy throughout the day.

To my surprise I was able to find a couple that I still do with great results and I want to share them with you.




This one the name is pretty self-explanatory..

It takes around 6-7 minutes to be completed and to be honest it is enough to keep you in condition.






When I found this one I read on the article that this routine was created by scientist or that it was scientifically proved that it was more effective than 1 hr doing weight-lifting and 1 hour of running.. I was like.. Are you kidding me?! 7 Minutes!!??!!! NO WAY!!…. Well way, way.. Because if you do it right you will end up incredibly exhausted and with no breath  because it is really really intense. So I really recommend it.

7 minite wo


This one is 30 seconds of each type and 10 seconds of break in-between until the 7 minutes are completed.






  1. You are amazing! I needed this post because I wake up at 3:30am sometimes 2:30am depending on when I have to be at work (I work at the hospital in the lab so I work 5am-1:30 or 4:00am-12:30pm) so I really don’t have time for the gym between two kids work and trying to brand my blog. This workout I am going to try before going to bet at night! Thanks for the inspiration.

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    1. Awesome!! 😀 I am very glad you liked it.. There is no excuse now.. and I promise you.. You will sweat a looot! which is an indication you are really putting your body to burn calories and build resistance !! 😉


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