Sunday.. Funday with a Summer Dress

Sunday… Oh who doesn’t like Sundays?! The only bad thing about today is that tomorrow is Monday.

I work very early every morning, so I wake up early during the weekends as well.. So due to the fact that I am in Costa Rica and probably we are having a sunny day (-yey! 😀 -) I was looking for inspiration on what to wear today.

So I found a couple of dresses and that inspired me to write about summer white dresses for different occasions and here is the Fernanda’s Choice of the day.

Casual Fashionista:

So for a casual look I found these 2 outfits, both of them are wearing a very cute and fresh white dress perfect for summer, with a very colorful blazer. Personally I love wearing blazers.. Probably 3-4 times a week due to work, and what better way to give a white dress some color than a blazer! Just perfect!

A cute clutch and right accessories just the perfect way to go.



With heels:

This dress I love. Just perfect because with the right accessories and heels it looks like you are all dressed up. Another twist to it would be a pair of Gladiator Sandals if you want to bring it down a notch.



When I saw this dress I already pictured myself taking something like this to work. Black or navy blue blazer with a waist belt, a clutch and pumps… Are you loving this as much as I do?


Girls Day Out:

When I told my husband I would wear this in a Girls Day Out he didn’t like the idea very much, he is such an over-protective person! I love him. But I do see myself wearing this with my girls.. Maybe a restaurant 🙂 I loved the gold accessories and the colorful clutch to make it interesting.





Tell me what you think? Which is your favorite summer dress ensemble?


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