Walk On Sunshine ‘n Leave The World Behind

I found this blog and I loved her style 🙂

The Wanderluste

ImageSunday. The day when toasty breakfast is served in bed. The day when rolling out of bed entail replenishing your body with H2O only to sink under those sheets right after. It is, nonetheless, 10AM and your itinerary for this marvelous day doesn’t start 3 hours later. Add in a sliver of sunshine on the patio to amp up your Vitamin D consumption and that’s your half-day in a nutshell! So in my attempt to pay homage to the Weather God for his commendable decision to bless us with warmth and sunshine this past weekend, I decided to cross off breakfast in bed (wheat toast with orange juice; did someone say protein?) and catching up on my zzz’s (sleeping beauty would’ve been proud) to check out one of the many touristy spots in Chicago. Eminently popular for locals and foreigners alike, I’d like to bring you to one of my favorite places in…

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