Makeup, does it make me beautiful?



Look at the photo above.


Take 5 seconds to analyze it.


What do you see in it?


What do you think about it?


After I saw the post on Instagram I stared at it and on the left I saw a beautiful, beautiful girl; and then on the right I saw a model-like girl also beautiful.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot because I think ALL women are beautiful. Makeup free beautiful with all flaws and all.. just perfect.


What defines beauty or what you consider beautiful?

There are wide varieties and conceptions of beauty, depends on where you come from, social status, tradition and culture..


Beauty in Africa looks like this:



Beautiful Asian:



Beauty in India:


Native-American Beauty:



Well.. You get the idea right?!

Beauty is different for all.


I normally hear people criticize girls who wear makeup, other may say: “Oh! She doesn’t look as good without it”. On the other side other people actually think you should wear makeup to be beautiful.

Well I am going to give you now my point of view on beauty:

Beauty is a strong independent woman who is able to raise a kid on her own.

Beauty in a woman for me is a girl who loves to read and nurture her brains and skills studying.

Beauty is a woman who overcomes all obstacles and is able to succeed.

Beauty is within all of us, and reflects outside and it shows in your eyes, in your smile and in your face.



Well it is ART, it’s a form of expression, part of ones personality. No one should criticize art. We all like different kind of art.

I personally love makeup, and might just say I am good at it. But there are days I don’t feel like wearing any makeup.

That doesn’t make me any less beautiful on the days that I don’t wear.


This is beauty…



This is beauty…


And this is beauty.




Please, if you can read this. Don’t let any standard define you. Only you can determine what you like, what makes you happy and only you should determine if you feel like wearing makeup today.. or not.


♥Love u all,






25 thoughts on “Makeup, does it make me beautiful?

    1. hahaha.. Me too.. And the fact that is different it doesn’t make you any less than perfect. That is my point.. Of course we look different we are wearing foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner, falsies hahahahaha!! We look like a different person!!

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  1. Omg i love your blog Will you please look at mine you’re amazing!! You probably get loads of these messages but please look at it
    Oh maybe a few tips too? Cause i only just started.


  2. on my part, i’ve always liked makeup but it wasn’t until recently that i kind of started going hard core at it. i love the creative process that goes behind it. i personally believe it’s something that shouldn’t solely define you. the way i see it, it’s so much like a mood thing. same way people dress up according to what they feel like on that day.

    anyway, i rarely write about makeup on my blog but let me share with you the very first one that i did:

    had fun reading your post. cheers!


    1. Jan, I appreciate very much this incredible article shared.. I love makeup and yes to me it’s a matter of mood, as for some people is an everyday life thing.. I mean some people work doing this. And that is fine. My point you good it correctly. IT SHOULD NOT DEFINE YOU and if anyone is making someone feel less than pretty for not wearing makeup is not correct!! Thank u again for sharing this. And I will be following you 🙂
      Have a great night!

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  3. Congratulations! I nominated you for a liebster award 🙂
    So, here are the rules:

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