Spring Into Fashion!

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The Wanderluste

Spring time in Chicago, a period when one can shed the heavy-coated wintery shell to embrace the lightness of a new season. A time when one can partake in a vast array of outdoor activities as the weather warm up to the idea of summertime fun. The moment when favorite pastimes are garnished by breezy strolls at the lakefront (read HERE), delectable brunches on the porch of the city’s hippest neighborhoods, and jaunty meanders through botanical gardens deciphering the awakening of floral blossoms (read HERE).


Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of embracing a new season goes in tangent with the zest of discovering new fashion ideas elicited by powerhouse designers like Givenchy, YSL, and Alexander Wang. Like the new albeit recurring blossoms of spring, the myriad of black and white contours and seamed dresses with peekaboo leathered bras are reminiscent of seasons before us, but also trailblazing in its fresh take on minimalistic detailsIf there’s anything we’ve learned…

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