How to be a Successful Blogger.. Let’s Meet

Hi Guys,

Many of us are starting in this blogging journey. To be honest I love writing, I find it quite therapeutic; often people start blogging for many reasons  in the one I can mention and the main I’ve heard so far is.. Oh! I know when you blog you can get good money out of it… Well… If you started blogging for that reason I recommend you to have a very good business plan, or a good strike of luck because successful bloggers DO NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. I have been blogging in private for quite some time and I finally decided to  publish a page because I want to help people with messages of hope, on how I changed my life after bullying; I love fashion and makeup that are hobbies for me, and at the same time a passion I have. I might not have the money to afford to have all those super expensive designer clothes, but the reason I wanted to blog about fashion is to show you can be fashionable buying retail and thrift stores. You might have different reasons and that is why we are all here.

Be consistent blogging, try to do it often and have schedules. I guarantee that as many of the successful bloggers after a couple of years gain more and more followers, not because they looked into monetizing their blog, but just because they wanted to share a message. They wanted to follow their dreams. Follow your dreams and don’t let the shadow of your past follow you. Be you in every post.

I actually found some good advises in tenured bloggers that I looked up to. Give and then expect to receive. That is what blogging is about. In 4 days I consider myself pretty successful. Not for the quantity of comments or visits, but because I am doing what I love.

Down below share the link to your blog so we can all see your blog and share some feedback.

And thank you for being the most amazing bloggers ever.

❤ Love always,


13 thoughts on “How to be a Successful Blogger.. Let’s Meet

    1. Well I am a little skilled on designed as I studied advertising.. I use photoshop and try to make every post personalized to my target. So I have a signature and I try to think on what I would find appealing. I am still learning though 🙂 Let me know if you need any help

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  1. A very positive blog.I have recently started blogging and would like you to go through it and suggest improvisation.My blog is:


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