New Diet: Green Coffee

Hi Dolls,

A few days ago I mentioned on one of my post Losing Weight Techniques  that I heard about this Green Coffee and that with proper diet could help with weight loss.

So as I promised I finally got this famous coffee. Organic Green Coffee all the way from Costa Rica.


I will be doing this diet for 2 weeks. This is what it consists on:

I will be doing a Smoothie with this Green Coffee, Soy Milk, Vanilla and Brown Organic Sugar to substitute for Breakfast.

I will have a snack between breakfast and lunch (Fruit or low calorie cookie)

Lunch will be salad, vegetables, and as I am vegetarian I will have Soy Meat as protein.

I will avoid sugar beverages, desserts and all starchy food.

I will eat the last time at 5:30 pm.


And I will keep you posted on this.

As you also saw I have been in a weight loss process for a while and I still have a long way to go. I do feel beautiful, comfortable and a total success; but I’ve always believed that if you are not happy with something you should have the courage and commitment of doing it. So if you don’t feel happy about something change it, but don’t do it for anyone… DO IT FOR YOU.

Love always 🙂






9 thoughts on “New Diet: Green Coffee

  1. Hey hun, I have you tried matcha green tea? It’s a shot of pure green tea and you have it every morning.. I use the tea pigs one, check it out : ) Great for your health ad weight loss x

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    1. Well It’s not like tasty but I do it in a smoothie with soy milk and vanilla and a fruit so I don’t really get to taste it.. It gives u a lot of energy and because it’s not roasted it doesn’t have all the chemicals black coffee has.. I will keep you updated in the matter.. ooh and BTW will start having green coffee in between meals 😀


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