Confidence.. Does that really exist?

When we learn that a supermodel-looking girl is suffering from an eating disorder, you kind of get confused, because you think that maybe that person looking the way they look should be the most confident girl in the world. Well.. That is not entirely true.

Often people carry insecurities from the past, bullying, abuse, insults and many many things… We all have baggage.

Personally I dealt with bullying at school and I know what is like to go home and cry and next day not even wanting to wake up because you know you were going to the worst nightmare: Facing life.

You see so many suicides, self-harm and even people treating others in the same way they are treated!!! What kind of world are we living in!?

Someone many years ago helped me understand that I was perfect, that even though society is always telling me I have to be in a specific size or have certain kind of beauty to be considered beautiful that is not accurate, that I should determine that, and only me.

People find it very easily to criticize without thinking about consequences…. I mean.. How many times you’ve said.. She is not pretty or she is too fat or some sort of comment about the way that person physically looks?!

We make it HARD… VERY HARD for each other to have confidence and make that stereotype go away.. God I really want it to go away.

If you are facing a difficult time in your life because you don’t feel you fit in the standard… Please stop. You don’t have to fit in anywhere, just feel comfortable with yourself. And you might wonder, how.. Easy to say, hard to do.


Well this is what I did:

1st. If you don’t like something change it.. Like I said before: Not for them, for you.

2nd. Beauty standards are wrong, the top models you see in Ads.. It’s all PHOTOSHOP. Even Guiselle Butchen has cellulite.

3rd. Change the idea of what you think of success. Success is not determined by how much money you have, but how happy are you with what you do.. You might have money but not happy with what you do?! Move on and follow your dreams if that is what it takes. Find your talent. That will get you far.

4th. Feel happy with the good qualities you have. For example in my case I don’t have the best body, but people often say I have a beautiful face and great fashion style.. And I take pride on that. Besides I am always trying to be better and I am still trying to get to the weight I want to be on. And trust me it is not what they say I have to be on.. I set my own target.

5th. If you feel that you have things you need to talk about, talk. TALK to your family, friends and if necessary a psychologist. Talk to someone, it will feel like you are not carrying all that weight  alone anymore.

6th. Learn from your mistakes and don’t compare to anyone. You are unique and special. That is it! 🙂

7th. Prioritize: Get things done in order of importance.. If you need to get something taken care of to be better brainstorm on what and how.

8th. Face your fears. No one can make you feel any better, this is your thing. Live with it and learn from it.. Oh and move on!

9th. Erase anyone that might be causing you to feel bad about yourself, that person is not worth it.

10th. Surround yourself with positive stuff and motivation. Read, listen and work.


If you need anything or have any questions leave it on the comments and I will be more than happy to help!!


Love dolls 🙂




8 thoughts on “Confidence.. Does that really exist?

  1. I started with number 10, now the rest is all coming to me by its self. Be sure to surround yourself with positivity and love and understanding. I met my dreamman, got a job got a house now we are planning for a wedding and children, i love every day, i create a lot of things to surround me and support me. My boyfriend loves me 10 kilo more and 10 kilo less (he has seen me with both) and i deal with sitbacks so much better, i am a stronger person i am more secure and i learned to love myself. I hope everyone finds what i found. Oh btw the best decision i ever made was getting rid of my social networks, people on the internet drain your energy!!!!

    Lovely post! I enjoyed reading it! Thank you for sharing, hope you don’t mind me sharing too!


    1. Thank you for sharing such a great life story. And I didn’t mind at all. I am glad we can share this with everyone 🙂 glad for you successful life. I found my dream man as well. 🙂 it does help having great support and positive things around

      Liked by 1 person

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