Makeup, does it make me beautiful?

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Look at the photo above.


Take 5 seconds to analyze it.


What do you see in it?


What do you think about it?


After I saw the post on Instagram I stared at it and on the left I saw a beautiful, beautiful girl; and then on the right I saw a model-like girl also beautiful.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot because I think ALL women are beautiful. Makeup free beautiful with all flaws and all.. just perfect.


What defines beauty or what you consider beautiful?

There are wide varieties and conceptions of beauty, depends on where you come from, social status, tradition and culture..


Beauty in Africa looks like this:



Beautiful Asian:



Beauty in India:


Native-American Beauty:



Well.. You get the idea right?!

Beauty is different for all.


I normally hear people criticize girls who wear…

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2 thoughts on “Makeup, does it make me beautiful?

  1. Wow- this is an amazing post! THANK YOU! Women need to remember they are beautiful in many ways, & this post highlights that! Wonderfully written and so inspiring- again, thank you! 🙂


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