Who are the Kardashian? And why are they famous?

I am personally not a Kardashian fan or hater.. I am just the one in a bunch, that every time you hear that last name come up, get like… Where did they even come from?!

Mostly people is famous for being talented artists. Actors, models, public figures with a heavy background, and all that.. You know the regular thing to be known for.

The first time I learned they were famous for this sex video tape Kim was the star for, I couldn’t help to think it is stupid that every magazine and celebrity news page have them almost as front cover for being a selling point.

Sure the girls are fashionistas and beautiful with amazing bodies and have Fashion Stores and all.. but often people give them so much thought  that I can’t understand. They are normal people that happened got offered to do a Reality Show with E!, and not only that, they have built an empire of clothing designing, PR, Stores, Managing and modeling.

They must have done something right.

The reason I wrote about this is just to deliver a simple message: If they could make it and be successful, what is stopping you?

Just an FYI: Don’t make a sex tape to be famous. 🙂


It is 11PM in Costa Rica and I hope you all have a good night and may God bless you all ❤




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