Makeup Hacks (Advanced)

Bronde hair - for Sarah! Gorgeous!

Well… You see this face? Looks natural, doesn’t it?

The reason behind a natural look is to really know what you are doing.

I will give you a couple of very useful tips on how to get incredible results.



If you can’t ever get your brows looking natural after filling them in, celeb makeup artist Sonia Kashuk has the cheat for you: “Take a spoolie brush and comb downwards before you pencil them in or apply product,” she says. “This way, you’re placing it underneath your brows, so when you brush them back up over, the effect is more natural with no artificial lines.”


DIY Natural brow cosmetics tutorial. Man, I could have used this as a self-makeuping bride.

Easy enough? 🙂


First of all, you don’t need to worry about achieving the perfect lip shape anymore. Today’s lip look is more blurred out. Apply your lip liner, then use your fingertip to soften the edges. If you blur the edges of a strong lip, you are keeping the look natural. Applying a light layer of foundation first will give you the cleanest surface to work off of and neutralizes your natural lip color for a more true color finish. Also, “that little hint of foundation can fill in any fine lines on your lip and gives the best surface to apply on.”

Highlight Beauty: Perfect Red Lip Tutorial


Everyone wants one, but a lot of the time it can look a bit harsh in the flesh. Use cream-based products because they’re easier to blend out. The key is blending and starting from the right spot.Find your contour line underneath your cheekbone and start at your ear (right at the your hairline) and work inwards towards your mouth. That’s a more natural approach to finding the perfect contour line.

Eyes & Lips Love!


You know those times when you are aiming for a natural look and end up with Taylor Momsen-esque eyes? Yep, it happens, but Marina Gravani, makeup artist to celebs like Mariah Carey and Hannah Simone, has a great hack. “Take a waterproof eye pencil and look at yourself in the mirror with your head tilted back and chip up,” she explains. “Lift your eyelid slowly and apply the liner in between your lashes from underneath. This will create a line in your lashes that is sure to be straight and give you lash fullness without being liner heavy.”

my soul is the sky: Tightlining


How often do you avoid attempting a smoky look for fear of the repercussions of going overboard? If you’re unsure how to blend and think you’ve over done it, take a foundation sponge with some leftover foundation and gently press it onto your lids.  It will instantly diffuse the shadow and tone it down for a more soft-focus look.

Soft smokey eye. dirtymelodies


To get your lipstick lasting all night by using one easy trick: Take a facial tissue and pull it apart so it’s just one ply. Gently place it over your lacquered up lips before taking a translucent powder and applying a small amount with a makeup brush over the tissue and onto your lips.

Makeup Tips for Long-Lasting Lipstick  #makeuptips #beautytips #lipstick


Sun-kissed skin is a cinch, the secret to applying bronzer is to trace the number ‘3’ on your face. Start at the cheekbone and go upward to your forehead, and from your starting position trace down back to the jaw line. What’s left on your brush can also be applied to your chin, neck and down your nose.

eyes cheeks perfect, lips need to be a little more nude


I really hope you are able to use some of these tips! 🙂


Love always, ❤



4 thoughts on “Makeup Hacks (Advanced)

  1. This is making me want to play with my makeup again haha. Never did get the hang of tight lining though, I get freaked out when things go too close to my eyeball.


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