This is a man’s world

One of these days I was in a meeting at work, and I heard a comment that surprised me so much that I had to share this with you. One of the managers said: “Women are not meant to be in management”. And I asked him why. And he went on and off on the fact that women are not disciplined enough, were not effective managing time, if they got pregnant they had to leave, and all these reasons got me very concerned.
Because I know he is not the only one thinking working women are not meant for management and well this is due to a liability factor.
I worked for Bank of America when I was 19, this was my first job. I had to work and study. Balance my life to be responsible , engaged into my goals and very focused. Being young and having a lot of responsibility is not easy, thus people have the idea that you cannot do something because you can’t handle it. But I proved everyone wrong and started working in projects and helping my team and department to be better and correct gaps.
I am 23 y/o now, have a better job and have demonstrated to people why women should be in management. Women have drivers which is their willingness to overcome those wrong perceptions. I know perceptions and prejudice can be harder to break than anything else. But as a young professional woman I have set a goal for myself, which is changing day by day the perception people around have of this.
Women are rare on management, but I know that day after day if more of us make this a goal and make it personal we will change the way things work now.
Do you remember when women couldn’t vote?
I don’t, because I wasn’t born in that era.
Hopefully our daughters will come to the world in the age where equality is real and the decision of them being in management will not be determined by their gender; but the qualities and capacities they have.
And they will be able to do it.. Looking fabulous!


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