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A successful blogger isn’t born overnight.It takes time effort, knowledge and willingness to make it despite not-so-positive feedback and critics. There are millions of Blogs and Bloggers in the world, and it is hard to stand out; you really need to bring your A-Game and talent to make it above the average.

Looking for inspiration I found Chiara Ferragni, who is one of the top fashion bloggers with designing contracts, flying from town to town and a very, very busy schedule. She is very young, only 27 years old and started blogging back in 2009. She started with her blog to follow her dream and built what is becoming an empire.

In March 2011, New York introduced her as “One of the biggest breakout street-style stars of the year”. In December 2011, Ferragni was profiled as the Blogger Of The Moment in Teen Vogue, while still a law student at Bocconi University and a fashion designer. By that time her blog had reached more than 1 million unique visitors and 12 million impressions per month. By 2013, she had won various blogger of the year recognitions. According to the December 2013 Teen Vogue story, her blog had 1.6 million followers on Instagram. In December 2013, she published an Italian language eBook, under The Blonde Salad title.

Ferragni modeled for Guess in a November 2013 shoot that was subsequently marketed as an ad campaign. In December 2013, she collaborated with Steve Madden to design a 9-shoe collection for Spring 2014. Ferragni’s prior fashion design collaborations have included work with Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Runny Green Booghers, J Brand and Seven for All Mankind.

Forgot to mention… Today you will see her as a guest on Project Runway.

Take 5 minutes to analyze all that.


When you are just about to give up with your dreams, remember life is not for quitters. Life takes a lot of courage so you can make it.

She honestly is part of the bloggers I look up to.

And I might never have a contract with any designer to do a shoe line or something similar, but I will have done what I loved and I at least got to influence someone’s life.

Keep with your dream and Never give up.

Be a successful blogger if that is your dream.

Love Always,


10 thoughts on “The Blonde Salad-Top Blogger

  1. Great post! I’ve always had a lot of respect for Chiara Ferragni, and will continue to admire her work. I’ve never thought that she was overrated, and I don’t see why so many people do. It’s plain to see that she’s just naturally a great stylist and because of this she has gotten a lot of recognition for her talent. Thanks for posting this article, it’s the perfect inspiration to help wandering bloggers stay their course.


    1. Absolutely agree with you, to be honest I came to know her just recently, but I admire her work as an independent woman. I will always care for that kind of woman.
      Thanks for Stopping by!! Following your blog now!!
      Fernanda B.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post! I only started blogging 3 months ago and at times it can be frustrating to gain readership and set yourself apart from the competition. But, at the end of the day, I am doing what I love and expressing my individuality. Even if I positively influence only a handful of people, it would feel like success to me:) I do follow the Blonde Salad as well and adore her chic style! Her shoe line is fantastic too:) Great post! ~ Lauren


  3. Lovely inspirational post! I actually needed this today as 2 months into blogging sometimes frustration does creep in. Thanks again. Do check out my blog if u have time:


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