Perfect Blogging Space

An Ikea desk gets a glamorous upgrade with this gilded desk tutorial.  Source: Ruth Eileen Photography via Style Me Pretty

Hey Loves,

So I have been looking into moving to a new house because I have too much things and I have no Idea where to stock athem all, I have no clue how to nicely place all my clothes, shoes and bags. I got to the point where I know I have to move out and get wider space for my stuff.

Because I have been blogging and working on my blog so much I have to get a nice space where I can have some alone time and get inspired… I love my husband but boys are always with their manly stuff and sometimes gets in the way :)… So I am REALLY looking forward to moving out.

I saw this photo and I was like I really need this ❤

If someone finds a lamp like this, please ship it to Costa Rica right away!!! 🙂

The importance of having your own space is that you really find yourself and find the ideas easier. I’ts like you’re “home”, I don’t know if you understand what I mean, but definitely is necessary to have your own space with your own stuff, comfortable enough so you can sit in your desk for a while.

I am still looking and buying cute little things I can have in my new house.. Even though I don’t have it yet, hopefully all energies put into it will bring it soon to me.

I missed you guys today and hopefully I’ll be able to blog some more tomorrow.


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