7 Ways to Wear Oxblood



1) The jean: paired with black or brown booties, a chambray top and a messy bun, this look easily transitions from lounging around the apartment to taking a quick afternoon shopping trip.

2) The coat: pair it with a leather skirt and you are ready to hit the town

3) The mani and the muzzle: the easiest way to add a quick color pop.

4) The bag: although Chanel is always a preferable accessory, us muggles may not have quite the access. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to look at… Check out this awesome Chanel boy bag in oxblood.

And then a more affordable Etsy find:

5) This one goes out to the biker chicks, the daredevils and those daring souls who aren’t afraid to test the limits. How about an oxblood leather vest?  If you’re in, here’s a cool new way to wear a classic leather vest:

6) Easy, breezy, oxblood sweater: it’s still cold ladies, and this flirtatious shade looks good on just about anyone.

Style suggestion: pair with patterned tights or black jeggings, short booties and a long gold necklace.

7) Everyone’s favorite: the party dress. Let’s all give it up for Blake Lively. She’s fabulous.


Bleed it out ladies. And have some fun trying something new!

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