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If you are very conservative in the way you dress and you are not looking to call the attention with what you show but what you dress, this is the article to read.

This would be one of my "go to" outfits. Polished, conservative and simple.

  Very often if we grow with a conservative parents there are certain things they won’t even let us wear (I am one of those) or you are just not comfortable in shorts or mini skirts.

I gathered some incredibly beautiful ensembles so you can get some inspiration for this week!



I love this look. It's simple and conservative, and allows for a lot of different accessories. I also really like the shoes, which I could actually see myself wearing.

This is very appropriate for work.

Balance the color you wear at work in order to stay office appropriate // Ivanka Trump's Style Secrets // #officestyle #work

This is great for a casual errand.

This is pretty much my go-to work outfit in the winter, except the pants aren't skinnies (I work in a conservative office). I need more variety than oxford shirts, sweaters/sweater vests, and an arsenal of coats, which I don't actually wear IN the office anyway.

This is great for more of a preppy-fashionista look.

Modest Perfect flare midi dress with long sleeves and high neck conservative tznius fashion

This is a great way to stylish a dress

Women's Fashion Decalz | Lockerz

Keeping it casual.

minkpink colorblocked sweater knit knitwear bulky chunky colorful thick stripes j crew pencil skirt salmon pink navy purple gold mustard yellow gorjana stacking rings franco sarto mary janes suede patent navy pumps heels monogram gold necklace

Great Pencil Skirt

Clean, classic but fun out fit. thys is too cute and given me #Vintage #HollyWood i love it!

Glamorous Look.

Wear this to meet the parents! The cut of the dress is conservative, but the flare skirt keeps it flirty and girly. Simple accessories will elevate the ladylike feel of the look.

Cute fresh dress.

The Classy Cubicle: Pop of Coral. The fashion blog for young professional women who need office style inspiration and work wear ideas for the corporate world. Diane von Furstenberg Meeson dress, DVF, Calvin Klein, J. Crew, Mango.

Pants, cute top and statement necklace.

A Hint of Pink | Ivory Lane-very cute and conservative-a definite Deana look

Perfect Look for Cocktails with your friends.

Hope you liked my choices!!

Have a good day!!


14 thoughts on “Conservative Fashionista

  1. Thanks for this! I love the looks you feature! I, for one, am striving for modesty in my dress. This is because the Bible commands in that way. Still, I don’t want to be frumpy. This gives me lots of ideas.

    Can I just have that necklace from the first outfit!?!?!

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  2. I don’t feel comfortable unless my shoulders are covered, skirt is at least knee-length and wearing a top that covers my chest. must be my Muslim upbringing 🙂 xo glad to know that others feel the same way too!!


  3. I love them. But my biggest challenge in dressing conservative is: how to dress nice but conservative during vacations in hot and humid places like, hawaii.


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