Fashionista Sight: Dulce Candy

Well Today I was in DulceCandy’s profile and I felt ❤ with a look she posted…

She Had the most stunning necklace and top completed with an amazing plated skirt!

I did a small recap of DuceCandy’s Bio so you can get to know her a little bit if you don’t.

Take a Look!!


She is a Mexican Fashion Blogger with amazing sponsors she works with Too Faced, SmashBox among others.


She has been featured in fashion magazines, has a cute baby and she is in her 20’s.


Top:: H&M// Necklace:: Forever21// Skirt:: H&M// Shoes:: Zara// Bag:: Segolene

She started off doing some YouTube vids, blogging and just doing what she likes which is makeup and fashion.

I do blog about following your dreams very often, so don’t get discouraged, just when you are about to give up.. Something good is coming up for you!!

Hope you liked it!!

See more in Dulce’s Blog


Have an Amazing Day my Loves ❤


5 thoughts on “Fashionista Sight: Dulce Candy

  1. Reblogged this on Estilo and commented:
    Adding a statement necklace to an outfit sure does make a difference. I’m totally in love with this necklace I came across on Fernanda’s blog. Although it seems very “bling” and more of an occasional wear type of necklace dulce candy simply wore it with a t-shirt and made it look exquisite in a kinda toned down way.
    Way to go Dulce Candy for this inspo and Fernanda for allowing me to come across this post

    Catchya later 👍


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