5 Signs You Should Invest In Yourself

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If you are a girl very often you’ll find yourself saying:

“I have nothing to wear”

For some of us it’s not real, we’re just out of ideas and for others, well.. Maybe that is not entirely a lie.


1. Your Jeans Don’t Fit Anymore

Are Your Pants Too Tight? Why 42% of Us Refuse to Buy Jeans That Actually Fit http://www.ivillage.com/why-women-are-wearing-wrong-size-jeans/5-a-554298

Weather you lost weight, or gained a couple pounds it doesn’t look pretty to be wearing the wrong size. You have to make sure every thing you wear is flattering to you or your type of body.

Remember that jeans should be comfortable and you should be able to put them on anytime with no hassle. If it takes you 5 minutes to fit into them it means they are not the right size, and if you need to be wearing belt because it falls out of your hips.. well you already know it’s not your size.

2. Repeat Much?

We all have favorite pieces that no matter how many times we used them they still perfect, though there is a difference between having favorite pieces and repeating once a week everything. It is important to have key pieces that are good quality, but they need to be matched with layers, accessories and different tops and bottoms to make it look different.

3. Make it Stop

Business casual attire is recommended for General Sessions and Anchor Academy. Grab a blazer or cardigan in case the hotel is chilly!

We all have our personalities and that is reflected in the way we dress, but if people and friends are always “joking” about how you don’t give much thought to what you wear… Well you should start caring. Have you heard a phrase that says: -Dress for success- ? Well that is incredibly true.

The way we dress impacts our surrounding, and even ourselves. Psychologically the way you dress impacts people around and yourself, you will feel better and powerful if your wardrobe is according to what you are or what you are looking for.


Fashionably-Business-Looking Woman or just wearing a boring old suit.

casual business attire with leopard

4. Star Something For Once

Some of us over the time fluctuate in weight, so if that is your case I need you to analyze if anything you have is not fitting, just as with your jeans any other thing you might have that is not fitted to your body should not be in your wardrobe. Donate what you can’t use and just get the courage to get something that fits you fight. If the case is that you gained weight and you are looking into fitting your old fave pieces DO IT. But really start, not just say: “I’ll have them here while I go back to my old body” most likely that is not going to happen. If you are looking into that put on a Start Date and a Goal. That is the only way. When you have a tangible goal it’s easier to get motivated in your weight-loss journey.

5. Change Your Look

20 Models Who Prove That Short Hair Is Insanely Hot - BuzzFeed Mobile

Remember that this is all toward the goal into making you feel better about yourself and improve the image you have of yourself so the perception of who you are can change. It is key that in the journey of motivation you take a major jump. I recommend changing your hair drastically.

Change the color, the shape, get extensions, get a pixie or a bob, DO SOMETHING! This is even more valuable than just spending money in new clothes. Changing the way you look will make you feel batter in the journey of loving yourself. It worked for me at one point, but really dare to something different and have fun while you do it. Never be too afraid of changes, changes are good.




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