Oversized Sweaters

I personally enjoy wearing over-sized sweaters, they are comfy, keep you warm and with the correct matching and pairing they will look amazingly cute, so I have here 5 ideas on how to style an over-sized sweater.

Adorable knitted oversized sweater, white pants and handbag for fall

Taken from FashforFashion

Using a Monochromatic Palette.



Casual oversized sweater shirt and necklace

With a Statement Necklace.



chunky knit, leather leggings

Leather Pants



Oversized sweater in the summer. why not? it works in Texas...in an over-air conditioned living room

With Leggins.



Oversized sweater as a dress. Selena does it best.

Pair them with Thighs.

Remembering the proportions guide remember that if you use something loose on top, you have to pair it with something fitted on the bottom, they can be worn with boots, flats, heels, pumps anything and always add statement accessories. As you noticed the sweaters are mostly huge, so accessorizing is an important part of the process, overall keep it your style and have fun with it!!



10 thoughts on “Oversized Sweaters

  1. Thank you for following!
    I really enjoy looking at your posts. The picture selection is perfect for the topic you choose. I like the Fall fashion posts the most!



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