Table for 3

: )

Aww when I saw this I was like… Totally!! Every-time I go out with my friends or my husband I take a chair for my bag.. 100% related 😀 ❤

To all my bloggers I am going to be asking a lot of prayers and best wishes for me and my husband. We are going through a really though situation and we need the good wishes and prayers. I am a person that believes that ALL HAPPENS FOR A REASON but sometimes really is hard to understand why. So just please pray for us.

Have an amazing night all!! ❤ 🙂


13 thoughts on “Table for 3

  1. Im guilty of the same…. I think that bags are a wonderful accessory and not just for females. A cute lil pairing of a bag with a nice belt and shoe….Fall is here and I’m soo ready! Have you ever thought about posting a mens feature Fernanda? I’m so interested in your POV.


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