You Are Just Another Blogger


Lately I have been talking about the fact that style should not be imposed, style should not be something you follow because you want to look like someone, style is your personality, which means is unique. People in Asia have an incredibly unique style. The first time I saw a video on how they dress in their every day life I was like….. WOW! When you ask them, they will tell you that they want to stand out and that is the reason their way to dress is so rare. Here in the occidental part of the world we’re kind of like -CATTLE- and excuse me, if you think the word is harsh… But it is the reality. We all do fashion blogs, we all blog about the same, we all write and think alike and most alarming… WE COPY EACH OTHER.

What do you think the creators of the blogs The Blonde Salad have in common with The Song of Style, or Cupcakes and Cashmere with Micah?

The Answer is NOTHING!

They just share a passion for blogging and fashion.. nothing more…. their style is completely different. I actually enjoy blogging about being different and standing out, because in this world where we’re just going after the same thing in the same way… Well I am sorry to tell you that will not make the difference at all.

I want to challenge you today.

I want to challenge you to be different, to brainstorm, to make a change every day of your life. That you blog because you want to share your journey with people. To inspire. To grow. To believe things can happen for you if you just try to make it the right way and not the easy way. Often we find ourselves thinking that we’ll make it if we just start, if we just try… and well.. yeah that is true.. but work hard for stuff, don’t be lazy. Make it your job that every day girls want to visit your blog, because they know they’ll find inspiration not only for clothes but for something far more important. Passion. I want to see passion. Passion is underrated, way too much. And you will just be one more girl dreaming about having a successful fashion blog. Do not copy anyone, seek for inspiration, seek for that passion. Dream big and reconnect with who you are, sometimes we get lost in all the things we see, we read and we were told… Just go back to being you. I can guarantee it’s far more effective than being just another place to see girls stuff, for that I already have Pinterest.

Think about it 🙂

Be the difference.

Nighty Night ❤


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