Growing Your Blogging Community


Is all about Building Community OUTSIDE of your blog. If you are in for the long haul with blogging, building your blogging community is extremely important. It’s almost as important as the content you publish. So let’s chat about how you can build your blog community outside of your blog.

ONE | Share other Bloggers Content.

Sharing others content is a great way to build your own blogging community. Share through your social media channels. Give those bloggers shout outs. Share content in your niche and share content that you love that is outside of your niche. Be genuine about it. Share share share! Use apps like Hootsuite or Buffer to help you out (they have scheduling features too!).

TWO | Be active on Social Media

You don’t have to be everywhere all the time. Pick one and make yourself known. Interact with people. Tweet to them, jump in on their conversations (if it’s appropriate), share what they are saying. Be active!

THREE | Comment.

I talked about how you can show a Blogger Love in this post. A lot of the same stuff applies to building your community outside of your blog, including commenting. Show bloggers that you are reading what they are writing. Show them support. It will help you build your community.

FOUR | Be nice.

You think this would be something that would be common sense. Sadly it is not always the case. Work hard at lifting people up. Cheering them on. Be their blogging cheerleader.

FIVE | Join Blogging Groups.

Facebook offers up a great space to find groups to join. There are niche groups (ie…Food Bloggers, Beauty Bloggers), there are technical groups (ie..Wordpress Support) and there are different groups for each social media platform (ie…Retweet groups, RePin groups). Join a few groups, get involved and grow your community.

SIX | Form a tribe.

Find 5-6 like-minded people and form a tribe. They don’t all have to be in your niche. You just want to find people that are at the same “level” of blogging ability as you or have the same kind of blogging goals as you. Meet with each other weekly. Form your own group on FB to help keep up with each other. Bounce ideas around. Ask for support. Support your group members.

All of these things will help you grow your own blog community outside of your blog. The more you can show support, the more the support will be shown to you.



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