Hey Dolls… and Kens,

I have been missing you all sooo much… I am still kind of not feeling entirely well but hey, blogging is not optional!! 🙂

I thank all of your good wishes and kindness, all the messages, emails and comments.

I have been under a lot of stress so my whole body literally collapses and it was impossible for me to even be on the computer doing like anything 😦

So as I promised I am back with some great stuff ♥

I want to invite all of you to subscribe to my email updates, so I will be sending you a great newsletter with the best posts of the week, specially if you are not a WordPress user and would like to be updated. Also follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I promise I will not fill your Instagram with spam… between work and my second job (blogging ) I do not have time to be taking selfies hahaha… 🙂

I’ll be doing some posts today, but bear with me while I work on them!

I love you all and remember to be happy no matter what.. Happiness should be within you, and for no specific reason, because things change and if they do you should be able to keep that sparkle within you. I know it is hard sometimes (trust me.. I know) but just keep going. This do get better.


10 thoughts on “I’M BACK FOR MORE

    1. Thanks for the advise.. I am so stubborn and intense I forget the breathing part sometimes!!
      BTW.. I already got the things here, so I will be shipping them out prob this week!! 😀
      I’ll let you know as soon as I do! ♥♥♥


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