Hey Guys,

Madewell has perfected the casually chic vibes especially with their take on crisp and clean whites. // #Fashion

I hope you’re all having an amazing week. As you know at least once a week I post something about improving your blogging experience. But today I am addressing something beyond the regular how-to.

When you already setup your website and already defined the direction your blog is taking and you are determined to make a living out of blogging, is important to really know the market, really know how many people optimize their blog, traffic, SEO and all that good stuff.

So I want to suggest you a few books I’ve been reading that really have helped a lot and I know it will work for you too.

 SITE PROMOTION SUCCESS|Top Tips To Your Site Promotion

Site Promotion Success eBook



 THINKING BIGGER|A Book To Self-Development



I really hope you guys can have time to read and understand that blogging is a science and it is easier to inform yourself and find the correct direction into succeeding… Some give up way too soon and they are right to give up in the first place, that means they don’t have what it takes, to create a business you have to fail, learn, work and fight for what you want.. and the most important of all TALENT, you need to have that -Je ne sais qui- that makes your blog appealing other than million of blogs everywhere.
Dear to think big, read and research your road to success!


Have a great Night ❤

Love Always


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