DIY From a Sweater to a Scarf


It is finally sweater weather, yes its time to take all of your cute cozy sweaters out and show case them to the world. If you are like me you might of worn out some of those sweaters maybe stained them a little, I must admit I can be a bit of a clumsy eater. Not just that after a while of wearing and washing and drying them (if you do that) they shrink a little.

Instead of throwing them away why not get something new out of them.

Something like an infinity scarf maybe?

This is a very easy DIY project you can use a sewing machine but if your more like me not sewing machine friendly I got you!

  1. Old Sweater
  2. Scissors
  3. Fabric glue or sewing machine
  4. Marker
  5. Gems to decorate you scarf.
  6. Glue Gun (secure some of the gems)



 So first lay out your sweater you want to cut off the arms. I drew a line which was a bit crooked but its okay this is not meant to be perfect

Once you cut out the arms you will be left with just the bottom half of your once sweater.

Turn it inside out

Now you will fold the sides you want to fold them so once you turn your scarf the right way this part will not show.


Now I tried doing this on this one I’m working on but the fabric glue did not work whatsoever. So don’t panic if the fabric glue does not work. I’m sure it was the fabric and not the sweater because I tried it on another sweater I did this to and it worked out.

But if it does work out with your fabric just let it sit for about 30 mins or so on the bottle its says 24 hrs but like I said I tried this before and within 30 mins it was glued on good enough

Now turn your sweater scarf back to the right side. If you like the way it looks then you are done! High Five!!!

So since mine didn’t end up working out what I did next was just cut out some of the fabric off to attempt to make it look a bit more put together.

IMG_0289Then I took this little half pearls that I got at Michaels they were probably $5 or so dollars. This particular pearls I got have some sticky glue on the back so all I have to do is place them down and they are good to go.  So that’s what I did. I placed them in no particular order, but you can definitely make it your own and make a nice cute little design or pattern.


If yours do not have that I’m pretty sure you can glue them on with fabric glue or even a regular glue gun.

 And you are done!


 Visit the Author Miriam on her blog icolormyworldpink


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