Do The Parisian Style

One CHANEL is Not Enough. #Chanel NO.5 Perfume Clutch is #Trending at the Street Style of Spring Summer 2014 Paris Haute Couture #bag

Hey Girls,

I don’t know about you, but every time I see a Parisian-Fashionista I can literally tell right away by their flawless style, this is the perfect season to bring your style to the next level and I’ll give you some looks to try out and feel like them.

NOTE: As I always say, this is inspiration… Keep it your way, be a trend setter not a follower.

Here you have it…

paris street-style snaps / miroslava duma

Dress & Tights: If you are from L.A. or a not-so-cold weather rocking a pair of tights is the perfect way to style that short dress.

Street Style Paris Spring 2014 - Model off duty (Jan. 2014)

Black: I cannot stress enough the fact that BLACK is and will always be timeless… Layer Black with boots, tights, leggins, to that add a skirt or a dress and a coat ❤

Paris Street Style Fall 2014

Turtle Necks? Yes.. Hell yeah!! Just remember to keep proportions in order, loose on top, fitted bottoms.

Paris Fashion Week Accessories - Paris Street Style Accessories - ELLE  Spitfire Cat's Eye Sunglasses

Statement Necklaces… ALL THE WAY. EVERY DAY!


Over-Sized Coats: Please do…   pair them with leans, skirts, heels and a great attitude!

70 Life-Giving Paris Street-Style Snaps #refinery29  A top-notch topknot!

Bad Weather? No problem! If you need to deal at some point with weather and care about your hair, this is the perfect way to look like a top model in 5 minutes.

70 Life-Giving Paris Street-Style Snaps #refinery29

Just be Awesome… Play with patterns, colors and textures, it’s all  about having fun, the only thing all of them have in common is that their style is unique and they are looking to stand out from the crowd! The only rule is that there are no rules!!

Enjoy being a Parisian 😀 ❤




Fernanda B.

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