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Have you ever encountered yourself wondering if what you are today is enough?

You might not be the only one thinking exactly that.

As any human being we have the tendency of wanting more, wanting to overcome obstacles and working hard into building our future, but often you doubt of yourself thinking you’re too old, or maybe passed the point where you had to accomplish everything. Mostly not because you set that specific line, but because the people around you might be in that level you’re not. Let me elaborate a little bit on that.

You’re 30 years old and you run over an old friend from school, you start catching up (because it’s been a while) and ask them how they’re doing… They start telling you how they got married have 3 kids, 2 cars, just bought a summer house and you’re there like…

-Well I’m still alive!!-

You get home and start re-evaluating how you are not as successful as such and such… and how at that point in your life you don’t have all you wanted. Maybe you have 2 jobs and doing online classes as you barely have time to do anything and maybe a single parent struggling to get by…

This same feeling you have happens to me, and I am only 23.

I want so much in life and expect so much of myself that very often  I find myself comparing to standards that I don’t even know where I got them from. I find myself wishing some things that are not near and stress over that. And this is perfectly normal according to science and human behavior studies.

On the other hand I just encourage you to look around you and find 3 things that you currently have that make you happy, find 3 things that you feel proud of, and find 3 things that even in the worst day you look at and will make you feel fulfilled.

Do not stress anymore about tomorrow. Tomorrow will come soon, in the meantime build your tomorrow with wise decisions and intelligent actions, don’t let emotion affect your judgement and please don’t let people around you get in your head.

I hope this small piece of me can help you through the day.




Fernanda B.

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