This Is Happiness

Valentino studded flats

I finally got to order my very desired Valentino Studded Heels ❤

I am feeling incredibly happy and can’t wait until they show up in my office… 😀

Today Fernanda’s Choice turns 2 months old… ONLY?! Yeah such short time and so much fun, over 300 post, 700  WordPress followers and over 4000 email followers that appreciate with all my heart.

Thanks for being part of my loyal followers and always having words of encouragement. So far I have the  pleasure to say that I don’t have any bad feedback or rude people or trolls.. I know they’ll come along but I’ll just be surrounded by positive thoughts and best wishes from all of you that support me since day 1.

I hope soon I can say I have 10 years blogging and 1 million followers ❤ (dreaming costs NOTHING)

I wish all of you the best day ❤



Fernanda B.

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