New Beginnings


Hey Guys!!

I hope you all had a good weekend… Kind of short, wasn’t it? Well now this week will be beginning and I hope you can all remember what an amazing opportunity we’ve been given of just kind of get a fresh start. What ever happened, is gone and it’s time to just move forward.I say this because I came across to some old photos and I was kind of thinking that at certain point I wanted some things for me and when they didn’t happen I was like incredibly sad, pissed and thought that was it… But noo.. not at all… it was only the beginning of some incredible things. Remember to have an open mind, and open your heart to challenges and I promise you the best will definitely come, don’t rewind or regret anything as everything happens for a reason.

To all my beauty and fashion bloggers out there I love you and thanks for all the support, never give up on your dreams. They really make you who you are and never stop fighting.



Fernanda B

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