Lo primero que pasa por tu mente apenas pones un pie en una Tienda de Zapatos es que estás en el Paraíso. Lo peor es que a como la mayoría tenemos 100 pares en el Closet y si acaso los usamos una vez (con la excepción del par favorito)

Acá está la lista de los zapatos que no pueden faltar en el closet.

Los Pumps Negros: A estos Zara le dio un toque moderno con cortes únicos, que hacen cualquier pie lucir estilizado.

LOVE! If only I could wear heels this high without the danger of cracking my head on the ceiling ... or falling out of them


Los  zapatos de colores neutros: De estos hay varios ejemplos, ya que varían dependiendo de los gustos.

The 40 Most Stunning Shoes From New York Fashion Week

Did you know people are buying jeans with holes already ripped in them? - Danny #themindyproject TUE 9:30/8:30c | FOX

Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you're pretty, sexy, and you're taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with. ~Sex and the City

White tank, black skinnies, nude blazer =love  Accessories - not so much.

Gold Jimmy Choo wedding shoes. With high heels and slight platform. Check out Dieting Digest

Flats ❤ Personalmente mi segundo tipo de zapatos favoritos!! 😀

Flats in all the right finishes. love flats, may have to find some pointed toe ones one of these days.

Extravagancias y cualquier cosa en el medio.. INDISPENSABLE! 🙂

Ladies shoes womens shoes http annagoesshopping womensshoes 5254 |2013 Fashion High Heels|

Prête à courir avec vos hauts talons?http://www.flair.be/fr/mode/282966/prete-a-courir-avec-vos-hauts-talons

Christian Louboutin Shoes, Wedding All heels report to my closet high-heels- www. louboutinishoesky.com Christian louboutin just need $138

Bowknot Wedge Shoes- love Omg I have to get these Shoes! :O I'm in love ^.^

¿Quién no ama los lazos? ❤ . ❤

Love the cheetah touch!

O el Animal Print?!

Quilty Conscience Chain Strap Heels

Wow, Wow,  Oh my,  be still my heart......well not really stop....you know-- then I would be...you know- dead.....then I would not get to wear the object of my heart stoppage....unless  it was at my funeral!!


Así es… La felicidad si tiene forma… ❤ 😀


The top 100 fashion infographics for women:1. A visual glossary of Coats (for women)2. A visual glossary of Skirt types3. A Guide to Skirts4. Neckline Types5. Colors to wear based on Eye color6. A cheat sheet to highlighting and contouring7. A visual glossary of Puffy Sleeve types8. A Visual Dictionary of Tops9. How to choose the right bra type10. The Ultimate Packing Guide for International Explorers11. Lashings of Eye Liner ~ a visual glossary12. A visual glossary of brassiere types13. How to Line and Curl at the same time14. Vintage ♥ : Layering in the Edwardian Era15. DIY: Tie Dye Cheat Sheet16. The right LBD for your body type17. The ultimate dress shape vocabulary18. How to choose the color that looks best on you19. How to accessorize your neckline20. How to wear a trench21. Dressing like Nancy Drew22. How to: Bang Braid23. A cheat sheet to contouring24. A visual guide to Bra types25. How to: The waterfall braid26. 50 classics for your closet27. 50 Wardrobe Essentials28. A Starter Guide to Dressing Up (Women’s Edition)29. Encyclopedia of Women’s Shoes 30. 10 ways to wear black leggings31. Colors for Spring 201432. Minimalist Wardrobe = 30 pieces33. Scarf Knot Tutorial34. Eye Makeup Brush Cheat Sheet35. How to tie the Bowtie scarf knot36. Super Cute Bun in 3 minutes37. Which haircut suits your face shape38. Hair length chart39. Every Dress worn by Best Actress Academy Award winners40. How to channelize your inner Grace Kelly41. Best Dresses for Your Body Type42. What colors look best on you43. Lingerie: A Visual Glossary44. A guide to hat types45. The red lips tutorial46. Makeup Brush Guide47. How to contour your face48. How to grow out your hair49. DIY Studded Jeans50. A visual glossary of collar types51. Cannes’ dresses through the ages52. Spring Color Combos53. A visual history of the Prom Dress54. Retro Hairdos55. Types of Blazers56. A visual glossary of vintage hats57. A visual glossary of popular necklines58. DIY Double Scarf59. The best sports bra for your body type60. Scarf knot: The Loose Cascade61. A visual guide to Braid types62. The braided Bohemian Up-do63. The best swimsuits for your body type64. A guide to necklaces for every neckline65. How to choose the right sunglasses for your face66. A visual glossary of basic hat types for women67. Make-up brush tutorial ~ What brush to use68. 50 Must-have Wardrobe Classics69. How to wear a jean jacket70. A visual glossary of underwear (for women)71. Guide to applying blush for your face shape72. How to dress for your body shape : Hourglass Shaped73. How to draw the perfect cat eye… every time74. Packing for Spring Break75. Packing for Paris in a Carry-on Suitcase76. Make-up Shelf Life77. Bridal Party Attire ~ Women78. White Eyeliner Tutorial79. A Visual Glossary of Shoe Types80. Early College Wardrobe Staples81. Wedding Dress 10182. A guide to Short Styles83. Visual Shoe Dictionary84. Dressing for the Kentucky Derby: Women’s Edition85. A glossary of heels86. Wardrobe Essentials for Women87. How to choose necklaces that complement your necklines88. A visual glossary of shoe heel types89. Anatomy of A Wedding Gown90. Dress and Jacket Types91. How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots92. A handy guide to understanding measurements when shopping online93. Know your Harem Pants94. Prom Special: Look your best95. How to check if your bra fits right96. Prom Planning Timeline97. How to dress for your body shape: Oval Shaped98. How to get the ‘New Girl’ look99. Layering Necklaces 101100. A capsule wardrobe for the minimalist
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Abracitos, :*

Fernanda B ❤


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