Some Makeup Ideas

neutral makeup


Well you guys already know I am like suuuper addicted to neutrals 😀 sooo here is some neutral inspiration for this week ❤ and BTW.. sorry for my photo above… lightning was terrible that day 😦

Makes the blue POP!  17 Makeup Ideas

This is look is specially flattering for light-eye girls

Need ideas for being bridesmaid, and I really like these eyes - should be striking enough for wedding photos.

This is just a perfect smokey eye with a touch of of silver & gold.

Gorgeous gold glitter #wedding eye #makeup for green #eyes

This strong smokey is incredible… How that gold pops out is just ❤ ❤ omg.. Love it!!

If you have blue eyes, this is the eye makeup for you! Get your high-end makeup at

I am so into winged liner… This looks good on everyone!!

11 Makeup tutorials for brown eyes. Visit for brown eyed makeup you will love.

This is a luminous matte look.. I am wearing this tomorrow!! ❤


Enjoy!! ❤



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