Hey Loves,

Pretty much I’ve been looking into this incredible decoration website called Modani Modern Furniture and they have a wide variety of furniture and decoration beauties for your home or office.

I put together a very minimalist and simple Black & Silver ensemble and it is stunning.

I definitely invite you to see their online Modern Furniture Store and get their latest deals and discounts.

Pretty much the idea to keep it minimal is just to take all unnecessary and loaded things you might have going on and just focus in strong lines and colors. I personally incline to either black and silver or black and white with a splash of red here and there… There is nothing like entering a place that looks clean and with lots of light.

Inspired on that I came up with some key pieces for my ideal minimal decor living room…

Minimalist decor

Remember to balance out the black with a simple leather couch, and ottoman, not overloading the pillows on the couch… Just a basic silverish pillow, a rug, a few strong vessels and pieces to add to the shelf and just finish with a beautiful simple lamp. Add life to the room with a good amount of lightning and your living will be ready.

Have fun decorating! ❤

Love Always,


Fernanda B.

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