Eyeliner Struggles

Hey Dolls,

How are you?! I hope you’re all having amazing times waiting for Christmas to come… It’s funny now that I think about it. For most of us Christmas lovers, time goes by so slow during the year and December just flies so fast that I just realized we’re almost there.

I was thinking about yesterday morning trying to apply my eyeliner in a hurry while I was getting ready for work (because I was really late). I tried my left side 4 times before I got it the way I wanted… Sooo It crossed my mind that I’ve been eye lining for years and still in a rush from time to time I struggle so bad just to get my wings even and perfect… So I started thinking about the people not so experienced and how they might think they’re just too clumsy or not good for that at all.

I wrote this just to let you know you’re not clumsy or useless for that… Unless you are a professional makeup artist you should not feel bad to struggle with your eyeliner. We all share the struggle. Hahaha… I will be doing a tutorial hopefully really soon and maybe you’ll get a couple of tips here and there from a not-professional perspective.

I thought into sharing a piece of my day with you.

My beautiful Costa Rican view f on work.


If you ever come let me know and I’ll give you a free tour sponsored by me 🙂

Love always,

Fernanda B.

11 thoughts on “Eyeliner Struggles

  1. I cant wait for that eyeliner tutorial! Everyone knows i need it. I’m so bad at it to the point where i avoid eyeliner on my day to day makeup cause it frustrates me and i can never do it right! Lol
    Gorgeous view!!! ☀️☀️

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