The Best Me

5 years ago I was 19 and I was lost. I literally had no idea what I wanted, where I was going or who I was.. It took me a whole lot of mistakes and I felt so many times trying to figure everything out.
Today I can proudly say that even though I still don’t have the answer to a lot of those questions I don’t stress myself over it, I don’t do things I don’t want to do, I love, enjoy and smile a lot.. And it’s ok to accept that I cry too.

If you ever wondered if it was only you feeling like there is more to life, I am here to tell you that it’s not just you.

Finally moved all my stuff to my new house and started to wonder if I could have more or could have accomplished more… It’s funny how you get to things like that when you start a new chapter of your life, but I came to my senses pretty quickly and remembered everything I am and will be is thanks to every single effort, risks and even mistakes. So yes… I wanted to share that with you and remind you how important and beautiful you are the way you are… Don’t ever change a thing.

Here are a few photos of my week, as always..


Fernanda B. ❤️





3 thoughts on “The Best Me

  1. This is a really inspirational post and it’s so great to hear that you have accepted life and grasped it fully even through the hard times (even if I haven’t been able to yet) 🙂

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