White, Gold & Something Else

Hey Dolls,


Well I love using white and gold… it’s my favorite combo after black and gold.

I wanted to put together a group of inspiraton outfit photos for a look in white.. When done right it’s pretty impecable looking.


Look at this first example, how flawless the shades go together and flow among each other like they’re one.

peach blazer, fun rings

All Whyt -   Kefie VogueStyles



Rings & Things

Also a little white dress with the perfect clutch…


Cute Summer Dress In Cream Color, Golden Bangles And Red Purse... To See More Click On Picture

Also bringing the gold to the shoes part of it…

off white

or sequins maybe???

Love the sparkly top with the blazer! 26 Top Summer 2013 Fashion Trends ‹ ALL FOR FASHION DESIGN


Now what if we do Black, White and Gold!!??

Omg Bags Gold Statement Necklace by Ejvi Freedom. (Wear this outfit with my pearl/sliver rope necklace--steph b)


camiseta com shortinho desgastado que SUPER mudam de cara junto com o paletó!


T:SHIRT: http://www.glamzelle.com/products/c-line-white-t-shirt & BRACELET: http://www.glamzelle.com/products/viktoria-pyramid-bracelet-9-colors-available


…and that’s all the inspo you’re getting for the day…

If I keep going you won’t be able to sleep hahaha


Love you my dolls!!


Nighty Night!




Fernanda B

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