My name is Fernanda Bravo currently live in SJO,Costa Rica.


Blogging started a while ago, but didn’t do live until August 8th, 2014.I currently live with my husband and he is the greatest support I can have.

Why do you blog?

While I don’t blog full-time I also have a day-job, but blogging is more than just a hobby. Some of us blog because it actually makes us happy.

What goal do you have with your blog?

Everyone has a different reason for blogging. I had an epiphany of what I wanted Fernanda’s Choice to be; a place where I could advise woman around the world, encourage them to follow their dreams, improve their self-esteem and ultimately make an impact in someone’s life. I do write about Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle because I love it and I know there is a lot of people with the same passion I have, and if I am able to keep them entertained… Well that’s good I guess.

fernanda's choice logo

Why Fernanda’s Choice?

When I was a teenager I had issues with many things, and growing up as one matures, learns and develops you figure in life you always have a CHOICE whether you made the right choice, or not; you should never punish yourself for it, everything happens for a reason and it all makes you who you are. So I document Fernanda’s Choices.

What message can you give to your readers?

Be happy no matter what. Live, enjoy, laugh, cry and find your passion. When you decide what you want to do with your life just do it. Don’t be afraid of failure because failure is the best thing you can have. It incredibly molds you and makes you better. You learn more from mistakes than from success. I grew up without many things and I’ve had to work hard for everything that I have. So I encourage you to keep dreaming, but don’t stop there… Work hard for what you want.

Are you planning in going back to the States?

Well, future is the only thing I am not sure of. In the meantime I am here and I’ll continue to work hard for what I love and what I do.

Many blessings for all and if you need anything let me know, use the Contact Form and as soon as I can I will reply to you.

This is me 🙂


And This is part of me 🙂



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