Comfy Looks for Fall-Winter

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been forever since I posted in my beloved blog… I’ve been going through a transition and I moved out of my apartment and now I am finally moving to my dream house

Now that you’re updated on what’s going on with me I wanted to share with you some looks I’ve been loving from Aimee Song (Song of Style). As we are transitioning from fall weather to winter temperatures depending on where you live in… it might not be as cold as it will be by the end of the year, so we need to find cool looks that you warm you up without over-doing it!

I really hope you can use the inspiration… With all the hassle I haven’t really been myself with my beauty or fashion standards to be honest… I really just want to move, organize and decorate to sart feeling the inspiration again… (Any tips for that are most welcome)



Knitted Sweater, Capri Pants & Flats: Casual Comfy look


Turtle Neck, Jeans & Heels ❤


Who doesn’t love a good Camel Coat? 😀


I don’ know about u.. But I love, ove LOVE Aimee! ❤


Share on your blog your best Fall-Winter Outfits and share the link on the post’s comments… Have fun dolls!!





I Want This Look

Omg! I was on Pinterest and then I saw this look and I felt inlove with the simplicity and luxury feel this look has ❤ ❤

Will have to try it out!! Isn’t it gorgeous!!??!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Fall Fashion is HERE.. Better than ever!


❤ Fernanda B.

Aimee Song: Deep Blue

If you are familiar with Song of Style blogger Aimee you know she has excellent taste and keeps things HER way…

I saw  look from her that I loved and I wanted to share it with you.





Love love love this look!! ❤

&& MK soo!! Just Michael Kors Perfection!


5 Dark Looks For This Week

Dark Lips are going to be my new fall staple! I'm absouletly Obessed! with dark lips.

Dark Lips & Beach Waves ❤

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Do The Parisian Style

One CHANEL is Not Enough. #Chanel NO.5 Perfume Clutch is #Trending at the Street Style of Spring Summer 2014 Paris Haute Couture #bag

Hey Girls,

I don’t know about you, but every time I see a Parisian-Fashionista I can literally tell right away by their flawless style, this is the perfect season to bring your style to the next level and I’ll give you some looks to try out and feel like them.

NOTE: As I always say, this is inspiration… Keep it your way, be a trend setter not a follower.

Here you have it…

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DIY From a Sweater to a Scarf


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Tory Burch Fall Outfit

Gal Meets Glam Tory Burch Nordstrom Fall

Gal Meets Glam Tory Burch Nordstrom Fall

Gal Meets Glam Tory Burch Nordstrom Fall

Gal Meets Glam Tory Burch Nordstrom Fall

Gal Meets Glam Tory Burch Nordstrom Fall

Gal Meets Glam Tory Burch Nordstrom Fall

Gal Meets Glam Tory Burch Nordstrom Fall

Gal Meets Glam Tory Burch Nordstrom Fall

Tory Burch Jacket, Tory Burch Blouse, Tory Burch Skirt, Ray Ban Aviators, Tory Burch Bag c/o, Tommy Hilfiger Pumps, Dior Earrings, Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick in “Ultra”

Taken From GalmeetsGlam ❤

She is Flawless 🙂

Oversized Sweaters

I personally enjoy wearing over-sized sweaters, they are comfy, keep you warm and with the correct matching and pairing they will look amazingly cute, so I have here 5 ideas on how to style an over-sized sweater.

Adorable knitted oversized sweater, white pants and handbag for fall

Taken from FashforFashion

Using a Monochromatic Palette.



Casual oversized sweater shirt and necklace

With a Statement Necklace.



chunky knit, leather leggings

Leather Pants



Oversized sweater in the summer. why not? it works in an over-air conditioned living room

With Leggins.



Oversized sweater as a dress. Selena does it best.

Pair them with Thighs.

Remembering the proportions guide remember that if you use something loose on top, you have to pair it with something fitted on the bottom, they can be worn with boots, flats, heels, pumps anything and always add statement accessories. As you noticed the sweaters are mostly huge, so accessorizing is an important part of the process, overall keep it your style and have fun with it!!



Flats For Fall

black celine bag with mini skirt + sweatshirt

Hey Loves,

So I love heels and pumps, but not every day I feel like wearing them. So we need to find a way to still look stylish without looking under-dressed; so I gathered some of my favorite flats that will still make you look incredible with whatever you wear.

Image 3 of New Look Lebra Striped Flat Shoes

New Look Lebra Striped Flat Shoes

leopard print slipper flats size 5

Black Suedette Loafers

Flats are a bit more comfortable than heels, but can still dress up your outfit. The pointed toe is very professional.

Viv Flat (Tori Burch)

2014 spring new beauty Daphne singles shoes flat shoes casual flat shoes with pointed scoop

Perfect Nude Flats

Mint & gold pointy toe flats

Golden Details

flats--michael michael kors. Michael Kors shoes are AMAZING

Michael Kors Perfection


Nautical Strip Pointy Flats

And to end..

Pretty pointed and studded Valentino flats for spring // #shoes #pink


I had to!!!!

❤ Valentino Perfect Studded Flats 😀

Get them for fall and rock them with your outfits.




How to Wear Denim

Cool & polished in Express Mid Rise Destroyed Denim, Barcelona Cami, Helmut Lang Blazer, Chanel Boy Bag & Prada Pumps #StreetStyle

With fall here a very strong trend we have is DENIM, Jeans, Tops, Jumpsuits, Rompers, Jackets EVERYTHING.

So I created a guided photo gallery on how to wear denim without making it too annoying, normally different shades of the same color just don’t look right but in this case 2 types of denim won’t look  wrong if you know how to style them… So let’s start:


For this fashionable effortless look get a long blazer, graphic t and a pair of your favorite jeans. Pair it with a clutch or shoulder bag.

Jamie Chung -- This is one of her more wearable looks. Girl's seriously adorable.

Tailored Blazer and Denim

Pair the ensmble with a statement necklacee

Tailored white blazer and denim outfit.

Denim & Pumps

Brighten up the denim with a pair of colorful pumps

denim on denim with a pop of yellow

Denim and Booties

Long sleeves rolled up, blue jeans, and a cute tote..

Casual Outfit With Skinny Jeans and Brown Handbag find more women fashion on

Layers and Denim

I felt in love with this way of wearing denim and perfect for fall.. If you are not 100% on how to layer check my post: How To Layer Like A Pro


Denim and High Waist Pants

Denim top with pants and the perfect statement necklace will do the trick.

I would wear that with a maxi skirt or a flowy short, high-waisted skirt


No explanation needed

One of the many uses for a denim shirt - as a casual top for a full skirt and heels.

This was it for now, let me know what you think in the comments down below.

Have a good one!! 🙂