Decorando En Presupuesto

Hola Chicas!

Para quienes siguen mi blog saben que me encantan los tonos blancos para decorar. Como últimamente vi muchas ideas en varios lugares quise compartir alternativas baratas para que tu cuarto o cómoda(tocador) se vean súper trendy y lindo.

La primera idea que tuve, fue utilizar marcos simples e insertar fotos en blanco y negro.. Siempre con el tema “fashion” presente y este fue el resultado:

audrey hepburn




Cada Marco costó $2 y las fotos fueron impresas en casa

🙂 ❤



La siguiente idea fue utilizar pequeños contenedores para mi maquillaje. Cosas que tuviera en la casa y este fue el resultado:


coco chanel


Si buscas más inspiración te sugiero que te vayas corriendo a Pinterest y pongas “Decoration Hacks” y vas a tener mil ideas de que hacer en un low budget.


Espero que este fin de semana que viene saques un ratito para ser creativa y cambiar el ambiente un poco.


Un abrazo,


Fernanda B.

Decoración Monocromática

Con la fiebre que tengo de mudarme de casa, he estado pensando empezar la decoración de mi sala y cuarto completamente diferente.

Que tal si todo va en blanco, negro y grises….? Le pregunté a Marco.

Me dijo…. mientras no sea nada fucsia en el cuarto todo está bien.

Tuve que reírme porque sí me gusta mucho el fucsia pero ya pasó mi época de poner cosas rosa en mi cuarto.

Acá reuní varias ideas de pequeños detalles que quiero empezar a hacer y buscar.

Busqué un candelabro en Amazon demasiado perfecto y suuuuuper barato.. Mientras los candelabros para el cuarto andan en más de $100 encontré este por sólo $19.99

Lindo verdad? 😀 Me muero por colgarlo. Todavía estoy decidiendo entre ponerlo en la sala o el cuarto… O comprar otros y ponerlos en todoslos cuartos. Eso es lo que llamo decorar en un presupuesto bajo jajaja…

Quiero poner en la sala rosas blancas y marcos negros.

J'adore, love 'abode australia's' tulips and hydrangeas styled with simple pillar candles and Coco Chanel print.

Quiero candelabros para la sala con cogines negros, blancos,con plateado y espejos grandes.

O con un detallito navideño;

My white & silver Christmas <3 - Home White Home -blog

Resultat av Googles bildsökning efter


Para decorar las paredes estaba pensando en cuadros simples

Keep Your Heels Head & Standards High Coco by lettersonlove

Los podes encontrar por $5-$15 AQUÍ

IKEA picture frame shelves and lots of framed quotes/sayings


Detalles para el cuarto ❤ . ❤

I believe it´s the little things that completes a room and that makes it more personal. Some cute...

La Maison Boutique - French inspired furniture.   Insta: @lamaisonb

Podría seguir pero por el momento son las ideas que quería comprartir con ustedes .


Buenas Noches ❤ ❤ ❤

Fernanda B.


Hey Loves,

Pretty much I’ve been looking into this incredible decoration website called Modani Modern Furniture and they have a wide variety of furniture and decoration beauties for your home or office.

I put together a very minimalist and simple Black & Silver ensemble and it is stunning.

I definitely invite you to see their online Modern Furniture Store and get their latest deals and discounts.

Pretty much the idea to keep it minimal is just to take all unnecessary and loaded things you might have going on and just focus in strong lines and colors. I personally incline to either black and silver or black and white with a splash of red here and there… There is nothing like entering a place that looks clean and with lots of light.

Inspired on that I came up with some key pieces for my ideal minimal decor living room…

Minimalist decor

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15 Ways To Keep Your Space Minimalist

The phrase Less is more never made more sense than in decoration.Making your life easier I want to share with you a few things I found..

1. Purge, don’t organize.

Purge, don't organize.

Organizing now means reorganizing later, again and again and again. If you haven’t touched it in six months, toss it or re-home it, but don’t store it.

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Cute Decoration Ideas

Spray paint a trash can and flip - instant side table

Neutrals and Pastels

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Decor Inspiration For You


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Perfect Blogging Space

An Ikea desk gets a glamorous upgrade with this gilded desk tutorial.  Source: Ruth Eileen Photography via Style Me Pretty

Hey Loves,

So I have been looking into moving to a new house because I have too much things and I have no Idea where to stock athem all, I have no clue how to nicely place all my clothes, shoes and bags. I got to the point where I know I have to move out and get wider space for my stuff.

Because I have been blogging and working on my blog so much I have to get a nice space where I can have some alone time and get inspired… I love my husband but boys are always with their manly stuff and sometimes gets in the way :)… So I am REALLY looking forward to moving out.

I saw this photo and I was like I really need this ❤

If someone finds a lamp like this, please ship it to Costa Rica right away!!! 🙂

The importance of having your own space is that you really find yourself and find the ideas easier. I’ts like you’re “home”, I don’t know if you understand what I mean, but definitely is necessary to have your own space with your own stuff, comfortable enough so you can sit in your desk for a while.

I am still looking and buying cute little things I can have in my new house.. Even though I don’t have it yet, hopefully all energies put into it will bring it soon to me.

I missed you guys today and hopefully I’ll be able to blog some more tomorrow.


DIY Tufted Headboard

Hey Guys I got this tutorial from an amazing talented blogger… Don’t miss it!!
Gone are the days when I spend hours mapping out and drilling holes in plywood! I’ve been using pegboard and it is PERFECT for these headboard projects. Cheap, lightweight and sturdy enough. You’ll be hanging the pegboard on the wall so it’s okay that the board is not completely rigid.
I had Home Depot cut down the board for me, so it was just the right size for Alex and Joanna’s queen bed. The holes on pegboard are 1″ apart. You do have to do a little math and mapping out to figure out your button placements, but once you have the formula down, it’s just a matter of counting it out and marking the holes with chalk.
I had three rows of nine buttons and two rows of eight for a total of 45 tufts. (!) I wanted a lot of tufts though, so you could do less. I think it’s a good idea to look at inspiration images first and count the buttons on that headboard and estimate the spacing you’ll need for the look you’re after.
I purchased my 3″ upholstery foam at Joann’s with a 50% off coupon. I definitely recommend using exactly 3″ foam for this project. Otherwise the headboard will look thin and cheap. An important note – you only need enough foam to cover the top two-thrids or so of your pegboard. My foam was 24″ tall and my pegboard was 40″. The bottom part without the foam goes behind the bed.
So, to mark out your foam, lay the pegboard down perfectly on top of foam and use your registration marks and a sharpie.
One of the secrets of getting deep tufts is removing the foam where the buttons go. My method is pretty lame – I just use a paring knife to cut a hole around the registration marks. You just grab the foam bit, twist and pull out.
You’ll fly through this step. It’s a fun and easy one.
See how the foam only covers the top two-thirds or so of the pegboard?
Secure the foam to the pegboard using spray adhesive.
And lay down a sheet of high-loft batting on the top of your foam. The fabric goes on top of the batting.
**EDIT: A quick note about fabric. I used two yards of SOLID color fabric for this project. If you want to use a pattern (which I don’t really recommend for tufting, unless the scale is super small), you’ll have to piece together two or three panels of the fabric so that the piece is wide enough and so that the pattern matches up and runs the right way. Better yet, just use a solid fabric 🙂 You can run the fabric horizontally (called railroading) and just get two yards and call it good.
PS You really will only need two yards for a queen size headboard. I was worried that the tufts would take up lots of extra fabric. Not at all. Maybe an extra couple inches total were needed for the whole headboard.
Here’s the part where you’ll need lots of buttons. You can buy button making kits and refills for just a few dollars (I used the 5/8″ size). It does take some time to make all the buttons though, so this would be a good place to enlist the help of a friend and get it done assembly style.
Using a long upholstery needle and doubled up upholstery grade thread (NOT the all-purpose stuff! This thread is more like twine), triple knot your button, and find your first button hole.
From the front of the headboard, push the needle through the fabric, batting, foam hole and pegboard hole, all the way out the back.
Pulling out and down as tight as you can, put a staple into the pegboard over the thread. But still keep pulling that thread to keep the tension. Put in a bunch of staples with the thread being pulled in different directions to secure that button in as deep as it can sit.
And your first tuft is done! You always want to start in the center and work your way out horizontally.
Be sure to leave the edges for last. I found it was taking me about an hour per row in the beginning. By the end I had it down to 20 minutes a row. Honestly though, my fingers were absolutely throbbing at this point! I busted this headboard out in a night and it would have been better to split up the tufting part into two nights, just to give my fingers a rest 🙂
Like any upholstery project, there is something to be said for keeping a soft hand and sort of artfully playing with the fabric. Especially when deciding where to place the button in the fabric and in getting the fabric to fold right. Play with the fabric and it will work with you. It’s absolutely begging to sit in a diamond shape if you help it along a little. 🙂
Once all the tufting is done, you’ll just need to finish off the edges. Don’t just roll the fabric back behind the pegboard and staple it down. The key to nice looking upholstery projects is all in the lines. Minimize the bumps and wrinkles! The fabric, especially along the edges should be flat and smooth. To make the edges of a headboard smooth, fold in a line going straight out from each tuft toward the perimeter. The fold takes care of all the excess fabric so that the edges can be smooth and taut and ready for you to staple down on the back side.
To finish the bottom of the headboard, where the foam ends, just push your staple gun up under the foam a little and run a row of staples along the whole front bottom. Then pull the fabric down over the bottom edge of the exposed pegboard, neatly fold behind and staple back, like you did with the other three edges of the headboard. And that’s it!
We screwed three D-rings into the back and used a couple Wall Dog screws in the wall to mount the headboard.
You can see in this shot how the foam only starts above the mattress. This way the mattress sort of sits into the headboard.
PS The camel linen is from Gray Line linen, from their Warsa line (only $9 a yard and it comes in all the colors under the rainbow).
 See More Here
I found this super incredibly cute !! ❤
Hope you likes it as well,

DIY: Faux-Zebra Rug

Faux Zebra Rug DIY | brittanyMakes

Materials Needed:

  • 2 yards of Kraft paper
  • Scissors
  • 2 yards of upholstery width vinyl (54″ wide)
  • 2 Krylon gold leaf pens

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DIY: Delicate Necklace Solution



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