The Only Makeup Look You Need


Hello my beautiful pink unicorns! Hahaha random.. I know! ❤️
Today I’m back with a super simple and timeless look, it actually made me think in the 90’s… 90’s meet 2015.
I was inspired by my favorite Liquid Lipstick by ColourPop: Trap. It’s a Greyish Nude with a Mauve Undertone.. Or at least that’s how I describe it.


For my foundation I mixed MUFE Ultra HD Foundation 125=Y315 and Too Faced Born This Way in  Honey.

I love this combo for a flawless natural look… 

For my concealer I used my Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Coverage in Medium Light Neutral and My NARS Custard for Highlight.

To set my under eye I used Lyric on the KAT VON D Shade&Light Contour Palette. 

To bronze I used Park Avenue Princess by Tarte and to contour I used the medium shade on the KAT VON D Palette. 

I am currently skipping Blush… Haha I am not feeling the cheek color… Which could never happen with Highlighter.. I am using Whisp by ColourPop and on top of that I used my all time Favorite Champagne Pop. 



For my eyes I wanted to go for a Matte, simple look with winged eyeliner. For that I used a really affordable, high quality palette by LA Girl Nudes. I used as a base a skin tone shadow and added a couple of transition shades in the pink- mauve undertone section, which I really loved and used a light natural pink on the lid for definition.

For the liner I used KAT VON D Ink Liner in Trooper. 

Skipped inner corner and brow highlight by the way.

I popped some Iconic Lashes by House of Lashes, which I’ve been obsessing over for the past month.. I’ve gone through 4 pairs… Non stop… And if you wear Iconics you know how much you can put them on.. So yeah.. A lot! 

Finally I set my makeup with MAC Fix+ and put on my Trap with a little bit of Tulle in the inner part of my lips for a pouty, ombré effect… ❤️❤️❤️

I think this is a good every day look anyone can rock and look really well put together, without over doing it… 

Hope you enjoyed and I hope you have a beautiful night and a good start of the week.
Fernanda B❤️

Fall Smokey Eye

 Hello my beauties! It’s been a long time since I blog on Fernanda’s Choice due to the fact that I’ve been working on a big project. 

I wanted to share with you. Look I created a couple of days ago with my Morphe 35N palette.

Pretty much I used a warm brown on the crease with a red-ish transition shade. Smoked out the black on the lid and brought it up to the crease without taking it too high.. I’m not into the racoon eye look. 😛

Smoked out my eye liner and also used some of the same shades I used on my crease on the lower lashline. 

Some info on my makeup:

Used my ABH for the brows, on my Face I’m wearing Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation, the Shade+Light Contour Palette by KVD, Nars radiant creamy concealer in Custard, Risqué Koko Lashes, Champagne Pop Highlighter and on my lips I’m wearing a combo of Tulle by ColourPop and Pure Hollywood by ABH.

smokey eye, risque lashes, koko lashes
Hope you all enjoy and remember to have fun with all the warm colors on Fall. ❤️❤️❤️ 
Fernanda B 

Gold & Pink

Hello loves,

I have been gone for about 2 weeks and it’s enough. I hope your weekend went well and this Monday you can start your week in the best way. I know I’ll have issues waking up at 6, but well.. Thank God for having a job that pays the bills haha… 

I wanted to share with you my favorite look for this week. I’ve been using only matte shadows lately and wanted to get out of that and do it well. So I went for Golden Glitter and Pink Lips.

Who doesn’t love those two together?!… I live for Golden things anyway.

BTW: I got this suuper cute necklace on ebay for like 3$ if you want to get it, just click HERE now is listed for 2.55$

Here are some photos and I really hope you can rest today and have lots of energy for this week. Big hug everyone!

Glitter, gold, pink lipstick


Fernanda B.


Hace aproximadamente 2 meses compré un delineador de labios por error. Estaba buscando colores vivos y terminé con uno llamado “Amaretto” de Vogue. No era rojo, sino un color cálido con tonalidades café y con un undertone rojizo.

Lo dejé en mi caja de lápices y hoy lo vi.

Sentí la necesidad de utilizarlo y eso fue lo que hice.

About 2 months ago I bought a lip liner by mistake. While I was actually looking for vivid colors, I ended up getting this brownish shade called “Amaretto” by Vogue (Colombian Brand).

I literally left it in my pencils box and saw it today, and I felt the need to use it and see how it was.

Face (Rostro):

  • Primer Smaxbox Pore Minimizer.
  • Foundation Nearly Naked In the shade Toast by Revlon. (Base)
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. (Corrector)
  • Flormar Compact Powders. (Polvos compactors de Flormar)
  • Flormar Bronzer. (Bronceador Flormar)
  • Flormar Blush in Coral Shade. (Rubor Coral de Flormar)

Eyes (Ojos):

  • Elf 100 shadows: I used warm brown shades and Black to smoke out my crease and lid (Sombras Elf en Tonos café y un tono negro para difuminar en el párpado)
  • L’Oreal Infallible Shadow in the shade “Eternal Sunshine” ( Sombras L’Oreal en color dorado)
  • Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in the shade Blackest Black ( delineator negro en gel de Maybelline)
  • Dramatic Falsies (pestañas por Ardell)
  • Black kohlpencil for the waterline. 


  • The famous Amaretto lip shade.

Y Bueno Acá tienen el producto terminado!!!

Espero que lo disfruten!! 🙂


Here is the finished look, I hope you enjoy it!! 🙂



Fernanda B

Vampy Lips: The Balance

Hey Dolls, 

Well as I am brunette and also have a medium tone of skin with a neutral undertone, I like to play with colors. Fortunately I can work with a wide variety of colors but a lot of girls have the misconception that just because a lip color is trendy they have to try it and make it work. Some people is so fair that using a tone like Poison from ABH would look weird, while on someone dark would be really flattering.

You have to know yourself and know what works with you. 

Invest time researching what goes with you.. As a vampy lippie on me might be something way too dark for a very fair person, so just find a balance.. At the end makeup is to experiment, have fun and be a different person.

I did this look not so long ago and I wanted to share how it looked like.. This is more of a purple-ish tone from CyZone (Latin America Brand) and a winged eyeliner and lots of highlighter for a dewy finish. If you are medium complexion try it out and have fun!!! 


Fernanda B

MOTD: Winged & Nude Lippies



Hey Beauties,

So I wanted to share with you my look for the day. I did a very simple Wing with nude lips.

I normally use Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black.

For my Lashes I wore falsies, some ARDELL Wispies.

Brows were filled in with ABH

Face has Smaxbox Poreminimizing Primer, L’Oreal True Match in the shade Beige, Maybelline FitMe Concealer and Flormar Compact Powders for setting.

To add some color also used Flormar’s Blush and in my lips I wore LA Girl Endless Lip Liner in the shade Natural.

I hope you liked the look.. I’m off to bed now do I can go to work tomorrow…

Really excited to be back and talk to you guys..








El Secreto: Delinear

Love this dramatic winged eyeliner! :: Retro Eyeliner:: Vintage Makeup Inspiration:: Pin Up makeup:: Wing tips

Delinear no es una tarea fácil. Por delinear no me refiero a el delineado que hacíamos cuando estábamos en el cole, que tomábamos un lápiz negro y lo pongamos en la parte inferior del párpado o el “waterline” y eramos la más guapa!! jajaja… (Que buenos tiempos 😀 ) Pues no… Me refiero a el delineado con la alita pequeña al final (winged eyeliner).

Gold and brown with black winged eyeliner- Start with gold shimmer-eyeshadow Next use a soft brown eyeshadow Then use liquid eyeliner to create angled wings Finally use mascara to coat your top and bottom eyelashes

Este tiene su ciencia… Y te puedo asegurar que ni la más experimentada tiene siempre días buenos de delineado, literalmente me he quietado todo el maquillaje y me he rehusado a salir de mi casa simplemente porque no me quedó bien… Y sí yo se que es bastante tonto pero cuando una toma en serio algo tan simple como el maquillaje no se puede evitar sentirse de esa manera.

La razón por la que quería hablar al respecto es porque varias veces amigas me han dicho que no les queda parejo, o se les dificulta la técnica, y pensando en eso decidí mostrarles tutoriales que encontré en línea al respecto.

Que necesito para delinearme?

Continue reading “El Secreto: Delinear”

Where is Fernanda?

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re all doing great… It’s been a while since my last post and I am like super sad about it.. I miss my therapy and happiness (blogging). I have been having issues to blog and I promise I’ll come back soon. I’ll do a new layout and more good stuff.
How have you been? 🙂 I hope that all good and if you have any questions fill the contact me form.. I still have access to emails and Instagram. So if you don’t follow me look up iamfernanda on Instagram and you’ll find me. I promise I will follow back so we can at least interact that way.
This is a photo I took on My last beach trip and I hope it can take you for 5 seconds to a better place.. Haha

Love and kisses from Costa Rica.



Sombras Mate, Delineado & Labios Rojos

Hola Bellas,

Hoy les quiero contar que gracias a Dios mi Navidad estuvo muy linda. Tengo a mi hermanito de visita y definitivamente me trae bastante felicidad.

Para la cena navideña hice un look clásico, nunca queda mal definitivamente. Muy al estilo Audrey Hepburn.

Hice sombras mate, con cresta cortada o Cut Crease muy In ahora… Combinado con un delineado Wingo Winged Eye-Liner y labios rojos.

Acá están los productos utilizados y algunas fotos.

Si tienen fotos de su look de Navidad no se les olviden mandarme un correo a con la oportunidad de salir en el Blog.. 4800 personas viendo Su Look.

Un abrazo y felices fiestas.

Face: Base Loreal True Match, Corrector Fitme Maybelline para Iluminar y NYX Jar Concealer. Bronzer fue Bronzing Powder Face and Body de Flormar. Para sellar la base utilicé los Polvos Compactos Flormar. Rubor Pretty Compact de Flormar
Ojos: Sombras 100 Palette E.L.F. Delineador en gel de la línea Dots de Flormar. Encrespado/Mascara Loreal Miss Manga.
Labios: Delineado NYX Yumbo Liner. Labial Jordana en tono Merlot.
🆕 Bronzer de Rostro y Cuerpo estará disponible próximamente en @flormar_costarica ubicado en Plaza Lincoln con los mejores precios. Ahí también pueden conseguir todos los productos Flormar utilizados en este look. 🆕



Eyeliner Struggles

Hey Dolls,

How are you?! I hope you’re all having amazing times waiting for Christmas to come… It’s funny now that I think about it. For most of us Christmas lovers, time goes by so slow during the year and December just flies so fast that I just realized we’re almost there.

I was thinking about yesterday morning trying to apply my eyeliner in a hurry while I was getting ready for work (because I was really late). I tried my left side 4 times before I got it the way I wanted… Sooo It crossed my mind that I’ve been eye lining for years and still in a rush from time to time I struggle so bad just to get my wings even and perfect… So I started thinking about the people not so experienced and how they might think they’re just too clumsy or not good for that at all.

I wrote this just to let you know you’re not clumsy or useless for that… Unless you are a professional makeup artist you should not feel bad to struggle with your eyeliner. We all share the struggle. Hahaha… I will be doing a tutorial hopefully really soon and maybe you’ll get a couple of tips here and there from a not-professional perspective.

I thought into sharing a piece of my day with you.

My beautiful Costa Rican view f on work.


If you ever come let me know and I’ll give you a free tour sponsored by me 🙂

Love always,

Fernanda B.