Lacing Up

Lacing Up

Jumpsuit Fashionista Style

Jumpsuit Fashionista Style

Decorando En Presupuesto

Hola Chicas!

Para quienes siguen mi blog saben que me encantan los tonos blancos para decorar. Como últimamente vi muchas ideas en varios lugares quise compartir alternativas baratas para que tu cuarto o cómoda(tocador) se vean súper trendy y lindo.

La primera idea que tuve, fue utilizar marcos simples e insertar fotos en blanco y negro.. Siempre con el tema “fashion” presente y este fue el resultado:

audrey hepburn




Cada Marco costó $2 y las fotos fueron impresas en casa

🙂 ❤



La siguiente idea fue utilizar pequeños contenedores para mi maquillaje. Cosas que tuviera en la casa y este fue el resultado:


coco chanel


Si buscas más inspiración te sugiero que te vayas corriendo a Pinterest y pongas “Decoration Hacks” y vas a tener mil ideas de que hacer en un low budget.


Espero que este fin de semana que viene saques un ratito para ser creativa y cambiar el ambiente un poco.


Un abrazo,


Fernanda B.

Gold & Pink

Hello loves,

I have been gone for about 2 weeks and it’s enough. I hope your weekend went well and this Monday you can start your week in the best way. I know I’ll have issues waking up at 6, but well.. Thank God for having a job that pays the bills haha… 

I wanted to share with you my favorite look for this week. I’ve been using only matte shadows lately and wanted to get out of that and do it well. So I went for Golden Glitter and Pink Lips.

Who doesn’t love those two together?!… I live for Golden things anyway.

BTW: I got this suuper cute necklace on ebay for like 3$ if you want to get it, just click HERE now is listed for 2.55$

Here are some photos and I really hope you can rest today and have lots of energy for this week. Big hug everyone!

Glitter, gold, pink lipstick


Fernanda B.

A weekend to Rest

Hey dolls,

I hope you’re all doing amazing and keeping fabulous as always. I’ve been away for 2 weeks and here I am blogging from my iPhone because I have been extremely busy lately. 

I promise I’ll be back soon with some makeup looks, fashion advises and life hacks. I really miss it when I’m gone.

I wanted to send you a big hug and remind you how beautiful you all are in case you forgot.

Have an amazeballs weekend, I already started mine the best way 



Fernanda B


Hace aproximadamente 2 meses compré un delineador de labios por error. Estaba buscando colores vivos y terminé con uno llamado “Amaretto” de Vogue. No era rojo, sino un color cálido con tonalidades café y con un undertone rojizo.

Lo dejé en mi caja de lápices y hoy lo vi.

Sentí la necesidad de utilizarlo y eso fue lo que hice.

About 2 months ago I bought a lip liner by mistake. While I was actually looking for vivid colors, I ended up getting this brownish shade called “Amaretto” by Vogue (Colombian Brand).

I literally left it in my pencils box and saw it today, and I felt the need to use it and see how it was.

Face (Rostro):

  • Primer Smaxbox Pore Minimizer.
  • Foundation Nearly Naked In the shade Toast by Revlon. (Base)
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. (Corrector)
  • Flormar Compact Powders. (Polvos compactors de Flormar)
  • Flormar Bronzer. (Bronceador Flormar)
  • Flormar Blush in Coral Shade. (Rubor Coral de Flormar)

Eyes (Ojos):

  • Elf 100 shadows: I used warm brown shades and Black to smoke out my crease and lid (Sombras Elf en Tonos café y un tono negro para difuminar en el párpado)
  • L’Oreal Infallible Shadow in the shade “Eternal Sunshine” ( Sombras L’Oreal en color dorado)
  • Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in the shade Blackest Black ( delineator negro en gel de Maybelline)
  • Dramatic Falsies (pestañas por Ardell)
  • Black kohlpencil for the waterline. 


  • The famous Amaretto lip shade.

Y Bueno Acá tienen el producto terminado!!!

Espero que lo disfruten!! 🙂


Here is the finished look, I hope you enjoy it!! 🙂



Fernanda B

White, Gold & Something Else

Hey Dolls,


Well I love using white and gold… it’s my favorite combo after black and gold.

I wanted to put together a group of inspiraton outfit photos for a look in white.. When done right it’s pretty impecable looking.


Look at this first example, how flawless the shades go together and flow among each other like they’re one.

peach blazer, fun rings

All Whyt -   Kefie VogueStyles



Rings & Things

Also a little white dress with the perfect clutch…


Cute Summer Dress In Cream Color, Golden Bangles And Red Purse... To See More Click On Picture

Also bringing the gold to the shoes part of it…

off white

or sequins maybe???

Love the sparkly top with the blazer! 26 Top Summer 2013 Fashion Trends ‹ ALL FOR FASHION DESIGN


Now what if we do Black, White and Gold!!??

Omg Bags Gold Statement Necklace by Ejvi Freedom. (Wear this outfit with my pearl/sliver rope necklace--steph b)


camiseta com shortinho desgastado que SUPER mudam de cara junto com o paletó!




…and that’s all the inspo you’re getting for the day…

If I keep going you won’t be able to sleep hahaha


Love you my dolls!!


Nighty Night!




Fernanda B

Vampy Lips: The Balance

Hey Dolls, 

Well as I am brunette and also have a medium tone of skin with a neutral undertone, I like to play with colors. Fortunately I can work with a wide variety of colors but a lot of girls have the misconception that just because a lip color is trendy they have to try it and make it work. Some people is so fair that using a tone like Poison from ABH would look weird, while on someone dark would be really flattering.

You have to know yourself and know what works with you. 

Invest time researching what goes with you.. As a vampy lippie on me might be something way too dark for a very fair person, so just find a balance.. At the end makeup is to experiment, have fun and be a different person.

I did this look not so long ago and I wanted to share how it looked like.. This is more of a purple-ish tone from CyZone (Latin America Brand) and a winged eyeliner and lots of highlighter for a dewy finish. If you are medium complexion try it out and have fun!!! 


Fernanda B

MOTD: Winged & Nude Lippies



Hey Beauties,

So I wanted to share with you my look for the day. I did a very simple Wing with nude lips.

I normally use Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black.

For my Lashes I wore falsies, some ARDELL Wispies.

Brows were filled in with ABH

Face has Smaxbox Poreminimizing Primer, L’Oreal True Match in the shade Beige, Maybelline FitMe Concealer and Flormar Compact Powders for setting.

To add some color also used Flormar’s Blush and in my lips I wore LA Girl Endless Lip Liner in the shade Natural.

I hope you liked the look.. I’m off to bed now do I can go to work tomorrow…

Really excited to be back and talk to you guys..








El Secreto: Delinear

Love this dramatic winged eyeliner! :: Retro Eyeliner:: Vintage Makeup Inspiration:: Pin Up makeup:: Wing tips

Delinear no es una tarea fácil. Por delinear no me refiero a el delineado que hacíamos cuando estábamos en el cole, que tomábamos un lápiz negro y lo pongamos en la parte inferior del párpado o el “waterline” y eramos la más guapa!! jajaja… (Que buenos tiempos 😀 ) Pues no… Me refiero a el delineado con la alita pequeña al final (winged eyeliner).

Gold and brown with black winged eyeliner- Start with gold shimmer-eyeshadow Next use a soft brown eyeshadow Then use liquid eyeliner to create angled wings Finally use mascara to coat your top and bottom eyelashes

Este tiene su ciencia… Y te puedo asegurar que ni la más experimentada tiene siempre días buenos de delineado, literalmente me he quietado todo el maquillaje y me he rehusado a salir de mi casa simplemente porque no me quedó bien… Y sí yo se que es bastante tonto pero cuando una toma en serio algo tan simple como el maquillaje no se puede evitar sentirse de esa manera.

La razón por la que quería hablar al respecto es porque varias veces amigas me han dicho que no les queda parejo, o se les dificulta la técnica, y pensando en eso decidí mostrarles tutoriales que encontré en línea al respecto.

Que necesito para delinearme?

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