Best NYFW Street Style

Here I gathered my choices of the best Street Style during NYFW Spring 2015..

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Blogger Aimee Song. Photo: @ashleyjahncke

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What should I wear this Fall?

Every person was born with a personality. This means everyone creates and defines their style early in life. I can remember I’ve always enjoyed being girly, heels, makeup and huge fascination with black & sparkly things. Getting to know me, just quoting those you already have an idea of what kind of style I have.

Because we are all different, with different personalities, different taste and different backgrounds you might not share all the same things I like. But if you have more of a sophisticated, girly and defined style, you are in the right place.

I am sharing here my Top Must-Haves for this Fall:

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Casual Looks

Oxford Shirt with a Basic Sweater: You can never go wrong during fall wearing this perfect combo, it makes you look sophisticated and keeps you warm.

Camisas, busos y pantalones ajustas, muy acertado para la oficina o una cita casual. #FormasIntimas

Classic Boots: Boots are perfect for fall, they are comfortable for walking, they look stylish and this is THE season to rock those boots.

All the Best Street Style Straight from New York Fashion Week

Neutrals: This is the season for neutrals, but remember you don’t have to do it in the same way.. Brighten that look out with a bold color. This fall is coming with some amazing & bright colors so you can mix it up.

neutrals with bright red purse.

Knit cap, Tweeted jacket & Graphic Tee: This is a great way to cover up in those cold days, rock that Knit cap, who says it can’t be fashionable.

wine colored rain boots, grey tweeted jacket, graphic tee, stockings, leggings, knit cap, black gloves, black bag

Mix it up with Sneakers: This is pretty self explanatory. Just Flawless ensemble with a pink-ish coat and layers ❤

Best Of #2013 – Welcome #2014 by Scent Of Obsession

Make it Dressier

I just have one word:


Winter skirt outfit inspiration! I love it! <3

Fall / winter - work outfit - business casual - leather pencil skirt + camel turtleneck sweater + black stilettos + metallic belt

Rock That Turtle Neck!!!!

Le Pastel via


And my Favorite Must-Have:

Tulle Skirt!!!!

They Are Wearing: New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 - Slideshow.....  I want to be her when I grow up, lol.

That was it…

Enjoy!! ❤