Fashionista Sight: Micah Gianneli

I normally every night check on my favorite Fashion Blogs and tonight I found a look that left me stunned!!!

Micah Gianneli
Images by Jesse Maricic and Micah Gianneli | |

Her name is Micah Gianneli, in case you don’t know her , here you have her bio.

With a background in fashion design, Micah Gianneli began as a freelance fashion stylist before creating her personal style blog in 2011. That year led to alliances with some big names including Topshop where she was head stylist and worked with the flagship team at Oxford Circus, London, and also the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival where she was appointed ambassador for 2012, featuring in their campaign.

micah gianelli
Micah Gianelli

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, model, stylist, creative director, designer and design consultant, photographer, post-production specialist, website and graphic designer.

Not to mention that this look is incredibly stylish, classy, feminine and edgy.


In case you don’t know her, I invite you to visit her on her website and blog.

You will be amazed by her beauty and talent.


I hope you like her, I know I did.!!


Fernanda B

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