Things As A Woman.. You Should Consider!

Hello my beauties!!

Today I want to talk to you about something we kind of overlook, and when it comes to skin let’s be honest.. we procrastinate.. A LOT. And it comes to a point where things start to happen, and that’s where we start to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a year trying to fix what we didn’t take care of when we could.

So I bring you here some useful stuff and hopefully I can share some life changing info you can use in your time of need.


Skin Tightening Methods are Influenced by Complexion

If you suffer from skin that is starting to sag, your first instinct might be to try any fix that someone suggest to you, whether it be creams, lotions, lasers, chemical peels, or anything in between. But the problem with trying the first random thing you come across is that your complexion can have a major impact on how successful or unsuccessful the process will be.

Age and Environment Change the Texture of Your Skin

Before you can even begin to understand how your complexion itself can impact your skincare results, you should know that your age and the environmental factors your skin has been exposed to can also play a role. All of us experience drops in proteins, hormones, and other substances that control skin health as we get older. If your skin has also endured smoking, sun exposure, or similar damage, chances are good that you’ll start to see it deteriorate at an earlier than average age. Some of that damage simply can’t be undone or permanently reversed, but it can be reduced or controlled.

Genetics and Medical Conditions Also Have an Impact

Some skin tightening techniques don’t work well on people with certain genetic traits or medical conditions. Oily skin, acne, and other issues can help you to eliminate certain treatment options and focus your plans more on others.

Even if you narrow your choices down to a specific type of treatment, like medical laser machines, you still have choices to make within that category. Some lasers could make your skin issues a lot better, while others could worsen them. Your dermatologist can help you to tell the difference and settle on a specific treatment.

These Differing Results Are Not Specific to Lasers

All skin treatments have that same problem. There are certain skin creams and lotions, for example, that work well for people with certain skin tones and conditions, but may make no difference at all when used by other people.

The same is true of non-laser clinical treatments, such as chemical peels. Anyone with a darker complexion should definitely avoid chemical peels. They can actually alter the skin pigment and leave temporary or permanent patches of abnormally light colored skin. But, if your skin happens to be light to begin with, a chemical peel could be a great way to treat your sagging or wrinkled skin.

OMG! Sound Treatments Can Work for a Wider Selection of People!!…

There are different types of sound wave treatments that actually work on literally ANYONE, regardless of skin type or color (for deep skin tones, girl I feel you.. I know it’s hard) . They are practically pain-free and don’t change skin pigment or cause any problematic side effects. But that doesn’t always mean that they will be 100% effective for you. You might need to go back to the clinic for sound therapy consistently for a long time before your skin really starts to look better. So, the type of treatment you choose doesn’t just depend on your complexion. It also depends on how quickly you want to see a difference in how your skin looks.

I hope I was able to share with you some interesting stuff and I can help you think about all the options you have… Never forget that at the end of it, you’re stuck with your skin for life! 😛

Leave me any comments if you have any questions and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for ya! ❤

Love Always,

Fernanda B.

2 thoughts on “Things As A Woman.. You Should Consider!

  1. As a guy I have been trying outdo damage from working outdoors for 30 years. It usually consists of skin cream and/or suntan lotion these days if I am outside and an avocado clay mask (a commercial product, but supposed to be fairly natural) once a week.

    Lasers and sound treatments are completely new to me, actually have not heard much of them, but sound quite interesting.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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