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By M. is a new brand of handbags designed by Maria Marigliano Caracciolo.

By M. Book Clutches are elegant, colourful and entirely personalised leather clutches, which in every sense seem to be ancient novels. All of your most treasured titles can be intricately bound and turned into a fabulously intellectual accessory to accompany you to the most glamorous of occasions. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, “Le Petit Prince” or “Il Gattopardo” are some of By M.’s most popular requests.

By M.’s most loyal customers are sophisticated and spirited women, who playfully display their culture through their cherished accessories. “Ready-to-wear” culture if you will. Curiously unconventional, a    By M. Book Clutch will not go unnoticed.

Through word of mouth and social media, By M. Book Clutches already boasts international recognition. Customers include names such as, British models Poppy and Cara Delevingne, actress Nathalie Rapti Gomez (currently featured in the new Romeo and Juliet film), the Russian socialite Xenia Sobchak, Princess Zatashah Idris, daughter of the King of Malaysia, to name a few .

Maria Marigliano Caracciolo’s first collection focuses on personalisation, as there is nothing as special and unique as the choice of a book. Every detail of the Book Clutches can be personalised according to preference, from the colour, material, decoration and of course, the title you wish to carry with you. On the back cover, using the Latin “EX LIBRIS”, the reader’s name can be pressed in gold. Maria Marigliano Caracciolo devotes time and passion to each of her customers advising them and guiding them through the various stages of creation. Personally interacting with them to better understand individual tastes and desires. Each Clutch is the result of considered and informed choices.

foto 1 (1)A By M. Book Clutch is so much more than a fashion accessory; it is a true expression of one’s personality. Essentially, allowing a glimpse of your inner identity to the world to be admired.

By M. Book Clutches are handcrafted in a traditional Neapolitan Book Bindery located in Palazzo Marigliano, Maria’s family home. Built in the XV Century, the Palazzo is situated in the heart of Naples, in via San Biagio dei Librai – Literally “The Street of Book Sellers”. It is in fact this very street that sparked Maria’s inspiration for this exquisite first collection. The bookbinders techniques, patience and pursuit of excellence have remained unchanged over the centuries being passed down over the generations. Drawing from this extensive background in the history of book binding, By M. Book Clutches are made using the same techniques as the original handcrafters.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” Ernest Hemingway


For more information and to order your Book Clutch please visit www.bagsbym.com





Each By M. Book Clutch is one of a kind, made and customized by Neapolitan Craftsmen in the Book Bindery of Palazzo Marigliano. They are created according to a foto 2 (1)century-long tradition developed in the area using only the finest leather, silks and gold leaf; they are a pleasure to touch, like books of past centuries.

By M. offers two editions:

The Traditional Edition: Using time-honoured colours of ancient books: Black; Blue, Bordeaux, Dark Green and Bright Red.

The Luxury Edition: Offers the Two Colour, Three Colour and the Limited Editions. The Limited editions are Fashion Colours, made using Parisian leather. Orders are subject to availability of the leather and delivery takes roughly five weeks from confirmed order.

The interiors of the Book Clutches are lined with silk Moiré and contain a removable pochette to keep your little treasures nice and neat. A magnet is smartly concealed within the book’s pages to keep valuables safe. The Clutches are adorned with a bow, which is purely decorative and can of course be excluded from the design if the customer so wishes. As the Clutches are made in a book bindery, a large selection of original gold puncheons and filigrees are available, dating back two centuries, to suit the bindings for most time periods. The artisans impress the decorations on the leather by hand with the traditional Gold Leif technique.

It takes six to eight hours to create one Book Clutch; each piece of leather we use is unique so each bag we make is unlike any other. Your purchase will unmatched by any other. This also means that the pieces will have natural markings and variances, demonstrating the hand-made manufacturing process. We recommend cleaning your By M. Book Clutch using a soft damp cloth only. Avoid excessive exposure to water, moisture and sunlight. Treat your Book Clutch with love, as you would your favourite book!

Who is Maria?

Maria Marigliano Caracciolo has just begun her journey in the world of fashion and design. Graduated in Law, she currently lives between Rome and London. Maria has always had an emotional connection with Naples, her family’s hometown. Her beautiful creations are in fact inspired by the art, culture and heritage of Neapolitan creativity, imagination and savoir-faire.






foto 4 (1)



Roma: Via del Governo Vecchio 62 – Napoli: Via San Biagio dei Librai, 39 Palazzo Marigliano.

Tel. 0039 3347723921 Email. maria@bagsbym.com

Partita IVA: 05166431212


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